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We thoroughly appreciate the valuable exposure we gain in the essential infrastructure space, and we love the support that CPWJ gives to women in the construction industry, and Transportation and Construction Girl. Advertising with CPWJ helps us to put our money where our passions are, and show our clients the value of working with Phoenix Masonry. Thank you Jo, and CPWJ!

Christy Crook
President of Phoenix Masonry


An independent publication designed to be of service and interest to those providing civil services related to infrastructure construction and maintenance and allied fields, including government officials, heavy/civil contractors, engineers and architects, distributors, dealers and manufacturers of equipment and materials, and professional services providers to government agencies and the construction and development industry.

Colorado Public Works Journal delivers infrastructure news, industry trends and products to an audience of public works officials, contractors, engineers, consultants, buyers, municipal and county agencies throughout Colorado. Over 5,000 copies are mailed to subscribers with an estimated readership of 15,000 people per issue, which includes copies distributed at industry trade shows and those that read it on line. We are committed to bringing you the people, the products and the companies that drive our business and help the economy in Colorado.


Fall/Winter 2022

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Colorado Public Works Journal has been a valued partner with OE this past year. In these current times (i.e. COVID-19) of conducting business, Colorado Public Works Journal has made sure to work with OE to promote our brand and message here in Colorado.

Terri Olson
President of OE Construction


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The Colorado Public Works Journal publishes news that is important in the construction industry. CPWJ also gets incredibly involved with the community. The visibility that they have brought to Transportation & Construction GIRL has been key to our growth.

Keller Hayes
Transportation & Construction GIRL

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Jo Taylor

Managing Editor

Jo Taylor has been working in the public works industry in Colorado for seven years, taking over ownership of the Colorado Public Works Journal in 2015. Jo is very active in the community leading a team of journalists reporting on the latest news and projects and writing articles relating to the infrastructure of our state. Before moving to Colorado in 2005, Jo spent 20 years in the office furniture industry in London, England, where she worked with architects, designers and buyers specifying furniture and interiors to large corporate businesses.

Robert Davis


Tamara Moon


Violet Cruz


As an independent supply and fabrication company serving mines, construction / infrastructure and municipalities, we began advertising in CPWJ two years ago and have found our business has grown during this time. The exposure has been positive for our business.

Steve Ghormley
VP Sales, Wear Parts & Equipment


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The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA) has had a long and productive association with the Colorado Public Works Journal. Our partnership with the CPWJ is an important link in our effort to support the Asphalt Industry of Colorado and our interactions with agencies across the State.

Tom Clayton
Director of Training and Member Services, CAPA and the RMAEC