Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2024

SPRING 2024┃9 Works News U P D A T E S Holcim US Continues Aggregate Expansion in Colorado Holcim continues to grow in Colorado with the recent acquisition of Tezak Heavy Equipment, a family-held aggregates producer and specialty civil construction business with deep roots in the Colorado Springs market. The acquisition represents the third for our company in recent months as we continue to grow in Colorado and beyond. “With Colorado among the leaders in U.S. population and GDP growth, Holcim understands how important construction in the region is and will become,” said Toufic Tabbara, region head, North America at Holcim US. “Partnering with companies like Tezak, a trusted regional aggregates and construction provider, we are able to build on our growth of the Colorado Springs market.” The transaction includes all civil construction, trucking and maintenance operations, as well as four quarries near Colorado Springs which will provide decades of reserves in a growing market. The purchase of Tezak’s quarries compliments our recent aggregate operations acquisitions in December 2022 and January 2023 Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Parking Lot An asphalt parking lot can be a durable one, if it is installed correctly and it is regularly maintained. The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association (KCRMA) recently had to repave their Ranch House administration building parking lot and had several challenges to overcome. Our Jo Taylor, who happens to be a local resident, talked to Master Association General Manager Brian Yowell about his experience using CAPA members; Quality Paving Consultants and CASI for their project. “This was the original parking lot from when the Ken-Caryl Ranch House was built in 1979, and even though we had had some sealcoat and patching done over the years, we knew it was time to have it repaved.” One of the major issues in the parking lot Brain told me was drainage, “We have several low spots that cause water to sit, which would result in pooling and ice buildup in the winter months. Another was curbing. Curbs that were designed in 1974 now caused bottle necks and were no longer serving us to maneuver vehicles in and out effectively. We wanted a contractor to be able to address these problems and provide us with a solution.” Jarrett Welch of Quality Paving Consultants was hired as a Consultant/Project Manager to the KCRMA to access their situation and come up with recommendations and a budget to present to the Master Association Board. The scope of work was then put out to bid to three companies. The criteria being that Jarrett had personally worked with the companies before and could therefore vouch for their work and that they were members of Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association. Brian said, “Jarrett was well versed with our issues. He knew that we had to keep the facilities open to the public throughout the duration of the project, giving residents access to our sports amenities. He understood how to correct the drainage problem by removing the existing concrete curbs and raising them to the correct elevation. At the same time in doing so, making the parking lot ADA compliant by introducing ramps at the 2% grade that is now legally required. This gave us the confidence that he was the right person for the job.” A full depth reclamation overlay like this one required the testing of aggregates at every level. These tests were performed by Asphalt Testing Services. The asphalt was supplied by CASI directly from their plant. A parking lot is designed to last for 20 or so years with continued maintenance. A care plan is put in place for the owner to follow as and when they see cracks appearing. Jarrett anticipates a seal coat will be needed in 3-5 years and a slurry seal in 10 years depending on aging. However, he does emphasize the need for owners to transfer the management of assets when new staff take over. This leads to consistency of maintenance, which in turn leads to a perpetual pavement at minimum costs.