Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2024

6┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Works News E Q U I P M E N T Innovative Cleaning Solutions In Colorado Did you know that Faris Machinery ( proudly features two of Madvac’s most sought-after models in its inventory? The LS175 stands out as the only 48-inch wide, closed cabin, tipto-dump mini sweeper built in North America. This unique machine is specifically designed to keep your sidewalks, parking lots, and protected bike lanes clean and safe. A CDL is not required to operate this machine which also boasts a climate-controlled cab and fully street legal lighting package. LS175 is also equipped with an option pressure washer gun and retractable wander hose for additional cleaning capabilities. For all the locations your big street sweeper can’t access or manage, LS175 is the solution you’re looking for. The LP61-G, a must-have portable litter vacuum, revolutionizes litter collection by replacing the need for 6 to 8 manual litter pickers. It excels in cleaning fence lines and other areas prone to persistent accumulation of litter and debris. Available in skidmount or trailer-mount options, it features a powerful 25-foot suction hose that can be extended to 50 feet for additional reach. LP61-G is ideal for use in parks, parking lots, and alongside buildings, making it a versatile and efficient litter removal champion. For nearly four decades, Madvac has been a leading name in the outdoor cleaning industry, offering a unique lineup of compact litter vacuums and sweepers. These machines are celebrated for their reliability and ease of use, serving thousands of customers worldwide. In 2011, Montreal-based company Exprolink acquired the Madvac line and recently relocated to a larger facility in St-Bruno, Quebec, doubling its previous capacity. In 2023, the company further expanded its support network by opening a parts and service center in Raleigh, North Carolina, to cater its expanding customer base in the United States. Since the arrival of the first pavers, screed plates have had flat surfaces. Now, thanks to two brothers from Wyoming and Cat’s exclusive product development stake, the paving industry is about to see its most significant change in almost a century. Cat Paving is introducing the Cat SDX Screed Plate System, a one-of-a-kind assembly of industry innovation only from Cat. We’re going to break down exactly how Cat is laying the groundwork for a paving evolution. What Makes The Cat SDX Screed Plate System Different The seamless integration of the Cat SDX Screed Plate System’s dual-patented design and trade-inspired construction have led to a screed plate system with a dynamic series of value points for major paving jobs in a variety of conditions. From performance, to longevity, to serviceability, let’s take a closer look at the components that make this possible: • Conductor Plate Cat SDX brings the heat with an insulated aluminum conductor plate that better retains the heating element. It attaches to the screed plate, and by utilizing its existing structure design, makes for an easy retrofit. Wagner Equipment Demonstrate the CAT Screed Plate at RMACES • Screed Plates Cat SDX makes a mark with a three-dimensional screed plate surface design that allows it to run flatter to the paving surface. The main and extender sections are comprised of multiple plates, all casts made of high-strength chromium carbide. • Fastening System Cat SDX brings it all together with a revolutionary locking system that eliminates the hardware. Tapered blocks integrated into screed plates correspond to the conductor plate’s custom beveled edges. High-temp silicone retainers maintain the tension.