Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2024

54┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Colorado’s asphalt roads weave a tapestry of adventure, connecting the diverse landscapes and offering a pathway to the state’s unparalleled beauty. These roads are not just conduits; they are the very veins that pump life into the spirit of exploration. Whether it’s the scenic journey through the mountainous terrains near Telluride or the expansive stretches leading to the welcoming town of Sterling, the asphalt roads are the silent architects of unforgettable journeys. The smooth, resilient surfaces of these roads enhance the travel experience, allowing residents and visitors alike to navigate the state’s varied topography with ease, making every trip an opportunity for awe-inspiring discovery. The significance of Colorado’s asphalt road infrastructure extends far beyond the realm of adventure, reaching into the heart of economic vitality. These roads are indispensable for cargo transport, forming the backbone of the state’s logistical network. From the fertile fields of eastern Colorado, where agricultural products begin their journey to market, to the transport of recreational gear to the picturesque Rocky Mountains for the winter tourism season, asphalt roads ensure the seamless flow of goods. They are the lifelines for commerce, sustaining the economic health of the communities they connect. In summer and winter alike, these roads play a crucial role in supporting the transport of resources, ensuring that businesses thrive, and the wheels of the economy keep turning. Asphalt roads in Colorado are not just a means of transport; they are an integral part of everyday life, facilitating the smooth flow of people from the serene landscapes of the San Juan Skyway to the welcoming communities up and down the Front Range. These roads are the connectors of communities, enabling residents to traverse the state for work, leisure, and essential services. Whether it’s a daily commute, a weekend escape, or a cross-state adventure, the reliability of Colorado’s asphalt roads ensures that people can move seamlessly between the urban and rural, the mountains and plains. They are the dependable threads stitching together the diverse fabric of Colorado’s communities, fostering connectivity and enriching the quality of life for all who call this picturesque state home. Time to explore! Mike Skinner is the Director of Pavement Engineering for the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association. He can be contacted at CAPA Mike Skinner