Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2024

SPRING 2024┃11 Works News P E O P L E Colorado Barricade is pleased to announce that Brett Angell has joined the company as an Events and Construction Account Manager. Brett has worked in the Colorado special event services industry for nearly 17 years. At Colorado Barricade, Brett will work directly on all major Colorado events along with infrastructure construction projects providing traffic/ crowd control solutions, signage and temporary fence rentals. Colorado Barricade is pleased to announce Rusty Burdette as a new Account Manager for Construction and Utility projects. Rusty began his career in the construction industry selling steel piling in Washington, D.C. With seven years of experience in the traffic control industry, his focus at Colorado Barricade will be working alongside the utility and construction industry to provide a safe and dependable source for quality traffic control. Colorado Baracade Welcomes New Faces Holcim US is excited to announce that Anna Kester has joined the asphalt contracting team, where she will serve as a Project Manager/Estimator heading up the small projects division servicing the Denver range market from Castle Rock to Ft. Collins. Anna’s experience and knowledge in project management, estimating, operations, and contracting will be invaluable and make her an ideal fit for this role. Anna’s 12+ years of experience, wealth of knowledge, and well-respected stature in the asphalt and paving industry will help Holcim deliver excellence to their clients. With 25 plus years of dedication to the asphalt industry, Scott Conner specializes in QC management and on-site inspection. He has served as a QC and QA Manager for asphalt production companies and geotechnical firms, overseeing construction materials testing laboratories for various projects, including CDOT, federal, commuter rail (Eagle P3 Project), and residential construction endeavors. Currently, as the Quality Control Manager at Holcim, Scott manages the Asphalt Quality Control department laboratory and field staff. Responsibilities include ensuring a safe working environment, implementing cost-effective mix designs to reduce asphalt prices, and developing comprehensive testing procedures for asphalt production. Actively participating in industry associations, he represents the company’s interests contributes to advancing standard paving practices. Last November, Colorado Barricade welcomed Raechel Michaelis-Argis as its new President, bringing her dynamic operations expertise to the forefront. With a background in Geosciences and Applied Mathematics and Science, Raechel began her career in the oil and gas industry, where her hands-on fieldwork laid the foundation for her remarkable leadership journey. Recognized for her achievements, she expanded operations and launched new products, growing the fleet from 8 to 60 rigs across major U.S. basins. In 2021, she ventured into sanitation, implementing cost-saving initiatives and expanding operations into new Colorado markets. Raechel’s leadership centers on a people-first mentality, fostering a positive, safe, and productive work culture. New Staff At Holcim