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The Colorado Public Works Journal - J O U R N A L THE EDITOR REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can now be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think at SPRING 2024┃3 Jo Taylor, Managing Editor “You are a community that we want to be a part of” I hadn’t quite thought of Colorado Public Works Journal in this way, but this is what someone said to me recently and it really made me think. When you think of a community, you think of a group of people with shared interests, maybe in your neighborhood, or a social group that you belong to. Where you build relationships, share knowledge, support each other and connect with new people and make friends. These communities are important for our well-being, knowing that we have people that we can rely upon, to help us when we need it. It also promotes a sense of belonging and inclusivity, which is good for our mental health. Here at Colorado Public Works Journal, we are all about connections. Connecting people with people, connecting people with businesses and connecting businesses with products and services that they need in our industry to do their jobs. Networking with organizations to facilitate introductions to those who could benefit, to learn new skills or find a sponsor. So, if that is building a community, then yes we are one. The growth of our publication is a testament to the many connections we have facilitated. The exposure of the people who are leaders in this industry and who have become mentors to others. Giving people a voice, giving companies recognition for their achievements., whether that be a promotion, or a project well done. Making connections are key to your life for work purposes, career advancement, or in your personal life. We all have a value of what we can offer someone, so make a new connection today starting with us, online at LinkedIn or Facebook. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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SPRING 2024┃5 CO/WY Chapter—ACPA @COWYACPA CONCRETE: THE SUSTAINABLE PAVEMENT SOLUTION With a LONG LIFE OF 30 OR MORE YEARS with minimal maintenance, concrete pavements are economically sustainable and cost efficient. Concrete pavement’s lighter color MITIGATES URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECTS and can help offset global warming. Smooth, rigid concrete pavements REDUCE VEHICLE FUEL CONSUMPTION. As concrete pavement ages, it ABSORBS CARBON DIOXIDE, helping to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

6┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Works News E Q U I P M E N T Innovative Cleaning Solutions In Colorado Did you know that Faris Machinery ( proudly features two of Madvac’s most sought-after models in its inventory? The LS175 stands out as the only 48-inch wide, closed cabin, tipto-dump mini sweeper built in North America. This unique machine is specifically designed to keep your sidewalks, parking lots, and protected bike lanes clean and safe. A CDL is not required to operate this machine which also boasts a climate-controlled cab and fully street legal lighting package. LS175 is also equipped with an option pressure washer gun and retractable wander hose for additional cleaning capabilities. For all the locations your big street sweeper can’t access or manage, LS175 is the solution you’re looking for. The LP61-G, a must-have portable litter vacuum, revolutionizes litter collection by replacing the need for 6 to 8 manual litter pickers. It excels in cleaning fence lines and other areas prone to persistent accumulation of litter and debris. Available in skidmount or trailer-mount options, it features a powerful 25-foot suction hose that can be extended to 50 feet for additional reach. LP61-G is ideal for use in parks, parking lots, and alongside buildings, making it a versatile and efficient litter removal champion. For nearly four decades, Madvac has been a leading name in the outdoor cleaning industry, offering a unique lineup of compact litter vacuums and sweepers. These machines are celebrated for their reliability and ease of use, serving thousands of customers worldwide. In 2011, Montreal-based company Exprolink acquired the Madvac line and recently relocated to a larger facility in St-Bruno, Quebec, doubling its previous capacity. In 2023, the company further expanded its support network by opening a parts and service center in Raleigh, North Carolina, to cater its expanding customer base in the United States. Since the arrival of the first pavers, screed plates have had flat surfaces. Now, thanks to two brothers from Wyoming and Cat’s exclusive product development stake, the paving industry is about to see its most significant change in almost a century. Cat Paving is introducing the Cat SDX Screed Plate System, a one-of-a-kind assembly of industry innovation only from Cat. We’re going to break down exactly how Cat is laying the groundwork for a paving evolution. What Makes The Cat SDX Screed Plate System Different The seamless integration of the Cat SDX Screed Plate System’s dual-patented design and trade-inspired construction have led to a screed plate system with a dynamic series of value points for major paving jobs in a variety of conditions. From performance, to longevity, to serviceability, let’s take a closer look at the components that make this possible: • Conductor Plate Cat SDX brings the heat with an insulated aluminum conductor plate that better retains the heating element. It attaches to the screed plate, and by utilizing its existing structure design, makes for an easy retrofit. Wagner Equipment Demonstrate the CAT Screed Plate at RMACES • Screed Plates Cat SDX makes a mark with a three-dimensional screed plate surface design that allows it to run flatter to the paving surface. The main and extender sections are comprised of multiple plates, all casts made of high-strength chromium carbide. • Fastening System Cat SDX brings it all together with a revolutionary locking system that eliminates the hardware. Tapered blocks integrated into screed plates correspond to the conductor plate’s custom beveled edges. High-temp silicone retainers maintain the tension.

SPRING 2024┃7 Works News U P D A T E S The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced today that Brannan Sand & Gravel Co. of Denver, Colo., won a 2023 Quality in Construction Award for excellence in construction of an asphalt pavement. The company is being recognized during the association’s 69th Annual Meeting. “The asphalt pavement industry is committed to building high-quality projects that deliver superior performance to the traveling public. All contractors’ projects earning a Quality in Construction award are measured against best practices designed to live up to that commitment,” said 2023 NAPA Chair Christian Zimmermann. “Earning the Quality in Construction Award demonstrates that Brannan Sand & Gravel has met or exceeded these rigorous standards.” Brannan Sand & Gravel won the award for its work on SH 83 in Parker, Colo. The company milled the road 1 inch, left the milling in place, patched it, and then placed an overlay of .25-inch stone matrix asphalt. Brannan Sand and Gravel produced a smooth, high-quality asphalt pavement for area motorists. Capital Paving & Construction is thrilled to continue to grow its operations in the Rocky Mountain region. As a third-generation family-owned business, Capital has become an industry leader through strategic growth and successful project delivery. Our vertically integrated team of companies work together to optimize solutions and provide the best results. Our unique business model allows our team of over 2,000 employees to deliver safe projects, from material production to project completion. Led by a first-class safety team, the quality and delivery of our products exemplify how we operate and lead our teams. Our loyalty to the partnerships we foster demonstrate our commitment to delivering the highest quality results to the communities we serve. Capital’s focus in the Rocky Mountain Region will be on both public and private sectors, including DOT, City and County, smaller airfield, and specialty projects where we can maximize self-performed work and leverage our vertical integration. We have been proud to be a part of Colorado’s infrastructure improvements since 2021 through our partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Wilson & Company, and Tezak Heavy Equipment on the Region 2 Design Build Bridge Bundle. We are eager to serve the communities of Colorado, tackling projects of all sizes and scopes, and contributing to the state’s thriving infrastructure. Capital Paving & Construction Brannan Sand & Gravel Co. Wins National Award For Quality In Asphalt Paving

8┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Works News U P D A T E S As reflected across several industries in Colorado, the construction industry continues to struggle with workforce development. According to AGC of America’s 2024 Construction Outlook for Colorado, 83% of construction firms in Colorado reported that they are having difficulties filling positions for salaried and hourly craft positions, with one of the top concerns for 2024 being “Inadequate construction career education and training.” The Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) is committed to supporting its members to overcome these workforce challenges with their Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship Training that started in 1989. Since then, this program has trained 166 apprentices and has received overwhelming support from CCA members who donate both their expertise and heavy equipment to the program. With a dedicated training facility located at 9280 E 104th Ave, apprentices receive hands-on training on a variety of machinery including excavators, forklifts, loaders, dozers and backhoes donated by the following companies: 4Rivers Equipment, United Rentals and Wagner Equipment. “Wagner Equipment has been a long-time supporter of CCA’s heavy equipment operator training, donating Caterpillar excavators, backhoes, compaction equipment and dozers for the benefit of the program. Throughout Colorado, altitude and terrain pose unique challenges, so investing in comprehensive heavy equipment operator training becomes the cornerstone of sustainable construction and ensuring a skilled workforce,” commented Taylor Wagner, Sales Development Manager at Wagner Equipment. Overcoming Workforce Challenges with Heavy Equipment Operator Training Kenyon Manley, CSP, CHST, Safety Manager at Lawrence Construction has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of this training. “In 2007, I, myself, went through this apprenticeship program and obtained my Certificate of Completion from the Department of Labor through CCA. Now as a Safety Manager and former operator, I am personally and deeply committed to the success and excellence of this initiative.” As Colorado’s need for essential infrastructure continues to grow, the demand for a highly trained workforce becomes even more critical to heavy civil construction companies. CCA is proud to facilitate this heavy equipment operator training that ultimately contributes to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and overall project success for CCA members. Exciting News! Colorado Barricade Expands to Aurora! Colorado Barricade is thrilled to announce the recent opening of a new location in Aurora, marking its expansion into the eastern part of the metro area. This facility will serve Colorado Barricade’s valued customers by offering top-notch traffic control services and temporary fence rentals. Colorado Barricade’s expansion into Aurora signifies its commitment to providing faster, more accessible services for those in Aurora, DIA and towns east of Denver. As Colorado Barricade continues on its growth trajectory in the coming years, the company plans to expand further south to Colorado Springs, north and west. Colorado Barricade is excited about this new chapter and looks forward to better serving its clients across Colorado with the same dedication and quality that defines Colorado Barricade. Stay tuned for future updates on our expansion journey!

SPRING 2024┃9 Works News U P D A T E S Holcim US Continues Aggregate Expansion in Colorado Holcim continues to grow in Colorado with the recent acquisition of Tezak Heavy Equipment, a family-held aggregates producer and specialty civil construction business with deep roots in the Colorado Springs market. The acquisition represents the third for our company in recent months as we continue to grow in Colorado and beyond. “With Colorado among the leaders in U.S. population and GDP growth, Holcim understands how important construction in the region is and will become,” said Toufic Tabbara, region head, North America at Holcim US. “Partnering with companies like Tezak, a trusted regional aggregates and construction provider, we are able to build on our growth of the Colorado Springs market.” The transaction includes all civil construction, trucking and maintenance operations, as well as four quarries near Colorado Springs which will provide decades of reserves in a growing market. The purchase of Tezak’s quarries compliments our recent aggregate operations acquisitions in December 2022 and January 2023 Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Parking Lot An asphalt parking lot can be a durable one, if it is installed correctly and it is regularly maintained. The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association (KCRMA) recently had to repave their Ranch House administration building parking lot and had several challenges to overcome. Our Jo Taylor, who happens to be a local resident, talked to Master Association General Manager Brian Yowell about his experience using CAPA members; Quality Paving Consultants and CASI for their project. “This was the original parking lot from when the Ken-Caryl Ranch House was built in 1979, and even though we had had some sealcoat and patching done over the years, we knew it was time to have it repaved.” One of the major issues in the parking lot Brain told me was drainage, “We have several low spots that cause water to sit, which would result in pooling and ice buildup in the winter months. Another was curbing. Curbs that were designed in 1974 now caused bottle necks and were no longer serving us to maneuver vehicles in and out effectively. We wanted a contractor to be able to address these problems and provide us with a solution.” Jarrett Welch of Quality Paving Consultants was hired as a Consultant/Project Manager to the KCRMA to access their situation and come up with recommendations and a budget to present to the Master Association Board. The scope of work was then put out to bid to three companies. The criteria being that Jarrett had personally worked with the companies before and could therefore vouch for their work and that they were members of Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association. Brian said, “Jarrett was well versed with our issues. He knew that we had to keep the facilities open to the public throughout the duration of the project, giving residents access to our sports amenities. He understood how to correct the drainage problem by removing the existing concrete curbs and raising them to the correct elevation. At the same time in doing so, making the parking lot ADA compliant by introducing ramps at the 2% grade that is now legally required. This gave us the confidence that he was the right person for the job.” A full depth reclamation overlay like this one required the testing of aggregates at every level. These tests were performed by Asphalt Testing Services. The asphalt was supplied by CASI directly from their plant. A parking lot is designed to last for 20 or so years with continued maintenance. A care plan is put in place for the owner to follow as and when they see cracks appearing. Jarrett anticipates a seal coat will be needed in 3-5 years and a slurry seal in 10 years depending on aging. However, he does emphasize the need for owners to transfer the management of assets when new staff take over. This leads to consistency of maintenance, which in turn leads to a perpetual pavement at minimum costs.

10┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Works News P E O P L E Over recent months, our Governance Committee and Executive Board of Directors have been dedicated to finding a new leader who truly embodies the HCC’s core values, mission and vision. We are thrilled to introduce to our new leader, Alejandra “Ale” Spray, who has taken on the role of HCC’s first CEO and President. Ale has been an integral part of the HCC for the last 20 years, contributing her time and expertise in various capacities. From volunteering to committee membership, chair, board of director, and founder of the HCC Women in Leadership (WIL) committee, Ale has significantly shaped and transformed our organization. Congratulations Cal Beyer CPWJ could not pass up the opportunity to congratulate Cal Beyer on this Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him at the 3rd annual Construction Working Minds Summit, by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas. Cal Beyer who has authored many articles for CPWJ over the years, is well recognized in the world of Mental Health. Spearheading talks on the risk of opioids, overdose and suicide prevention. His compassion for others in all walks of life is so evident upon meeting him, you cannot fail to like this man. He has done extraordinary things to raise awareness of mental health in the construction industry, in Colorado and beyond. Cal cochaired the last 2 summits with Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, the first of which was held in Denver where CPWJ were media sponsors. Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas said “Cal has been an incredible force for change in this movement.” Seth Hearn has joined Hot Shot Supply With nearly 15 years of experience in construction supply sales, he is eager to apply his knowledge and skills to the Hot Shot Supply team. As an outside sales associate, Seth will help supply heavy highway, concrete paving, and infrastructure materials to companies with ongoing projects throughout Colorado and Wyoming. He is looking forward to providing the most positive sales experience for both new and existing clients of Hot Shot Supply. Outside of work Seth enjoys spending time with his family. Married for 20 years, he and his wife have two sons, 17 and 20. They spend most of their weekends on baseball and lacrosse fields watching their kids play sports and wouldn’t have it any other way. HHC has New Leadership With a wealth of construction experience, Ale has a profound understanding of how the HCC operates and currently collaborates with numerous industry organizations to advocate for small and diverse businesses. Ale has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and brings over 20 years of construction experience with small to large-sized construction firms, providing her with unique insights into what it truly takes to support small and diverse businesses in our industry. Ale is also passionate about supporting legislative initiatives and has cultivated strong connections with A/E/C organizations and public officials across Colorado – all things the HCC needs in our leader to advocate for our members. Please join us in welcoming Ale to her new role. We are confident that under her leadership, the HCC will continue to be a diversity leader in Colorado’s construction industry.

SPRING 2024┃11 Works News P E O P L E Colorado Barricade is pleased to announce that Brett Angell has joined the company as an Events and Construction Account Manager. Brett has worked in the Colorado special event services industry for nearly 17 years. At Colorado Barricade, Brett will work directly on all major Colorado events along with infrastructure construction projects providing traffic/ crowd control solutions, signage and temporary fence rentals. Colorado Barricade is pleased to announce Rusty Burdette as a new Account Manager for Construction and Utility projects. Rusty began his career in the construction industry selling steel piling in Washington, D.C. With seven years of experience in the traffic control industry, his focus at Colorado Barricade will be working alongside the utility and construction industry to provide a safe and dependable source for quality traffic control. Colorado Baracade Welcomes New Faces Holcim US is excited to announce that Anna Kester has joined the asphalt contracting team, where she will serve as a Project Manager/Estimator heading up the small projects division servicing the Denver range market from Castle Rock to Ft. Collins. Anna’s experience and knowledge in project management, estimating, operations, and contracting will be invaluable and make her an ideal fit for this role. Anna’s 12+ years of experience, wealth of knowledge, and well-respected stature in the asphalt and paving industry will help Holcim deliver excellence to their clients. With 25 plus years of dedication to the asphalt industry, Scott Conner specializes in QC management and on-site inspection. He has served as a QC and QA Manager for asphalt production companies and geotechnical firms, overseeing construction materials testing laboratories for various projects, including CDOT, federal, commuter rail (Eagle P3 Project), and residential construction endeavors. Currently, as the Quality Control Manager at Holcim, Scott manages the Asphalt Quality Control department laboratory and field staff. Responsibilities include ensuring a safe working environment, implementing cost-effective mix designs to reduce asphalt prices, and developing comprehensive testing procedures for asphalt production. Actively participating in industry associations, he represents the company’s interests contributes to advancing standard paving practices. Last November, Colorado Barricade welcomed Raechel Michaelis-Argis as its new President, bringing her dynamic operations expertise to the forefront. With a background in Geosciences and Applied Mathematics and Science, Raechel began her career in the oil and gas industry, where her hands-on fieldwork laid the foundation for her remarkable leadership journey. Recognized for her achievements, she expanded operations and launched new products, growing the fleet from 8 to 60 rigs across major U.S. basins. In 2021, she ventured into sanitation, implementing cost-saving initiatives and expanding operations into new Colorado markets. Raechel’s leadership centers on a people-first mentality, fostering a positive, safe, and productive work culture. New Staff At Holcim

12┃ Colorado Public Works Journal GLOBAL RESOURCES WITH A LOCAL TOUCH With a new look comes the power of a global team of experts, innovative solutions, more personalized products, and access to state-of-the-art technology that helps us solve problems like never before. But that doesn’t mean we lost our personal touch. We’re as committed as ever to the communities we serve - and that means partnering with local distributors who are just as committed as we are. In Partnership With Denver: 303-295-2885 Greeley: 970-353-4918

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Of all forms of infrastructure, up until now, energy is probably the most underappreciated in terms of its contribution to the overall quality of life in America. That will change soon. As the push for clean energy continues across the country and worldwide, Colorado enjoys a position at the front of the charge, thanks in no small part to the state’s partnership with Xcel Energy. Hollie Velasquez Horvath, Xcel Colorado’s Regional Vice President, is proud to share the details of the utility’s game-changing endeavors along the eastern plains. “Xcel Energy is dedicated to serving our customers as stewards of an investment in clean energy,” begins Velasquez Horvath from Xcel Colorado’s Denver office. “That means working with state and local governments to build, operate, and maintain the required clean energy infrastructure. In Colorado, the legislative plan is to achieve 80 percent clean energy by 2030. The Colorado Power Pathway is an important part of the big picture.” Located along a 550-mile north-south route through Colorado’s eastern plains, the new Colorado Power Pathway is a $1.7 billion investment in improving the state’s grid and clean energy future. When complete in 2027, the double-circuit transmission lines will carry approximately 5,500 megawatts of new wind, solar, and other sources of clean electricity from the state’s largely unpopulated eastern plains to the urban centers of the front range and mountain communities beyond. “The double circuit represents the amount of energy that can transmit through the line,” says Velasquez Horvath. “These are the large towers that people can see from a distance. The proposed 345-kilovolt transmission system will span 12 counties, from Weld and Morgan counties to the north down through Cheyenne, Kit Carson, and El Paso to Pueblo County in the south.” Transmission lines are the fundamental backbone of the electricity network. The high-capacity transmission lines across Colorado’s open, arid plains will enable new investments in wind and solar power plants to bring more low-cost electricity to help meet the state’s growing needs while taking advantage of the area’s ideal conditions. “Xcel Energy has plans to build or buy close to 3500 megawatts of new energy generation from renewable sources. This Power Pathway is a superhighway for all the clean energy that will be generated out there,” shares Velasquez Horvath. “When you map the sun and analyze wind velocities, Colorado’s eastern plains are exceptional. So, we choose the intended route in alignment with those opportunities.” Beginning in the north and working south toward Pueblo County, Segment 1 involves connecting the existing Fort St. Vrain Substation in Weld County to a new Canal Crossing Substation just south of Fort Morgan. Segment 2 connects the Canal Crossing Substation in Morgan County to the Goose Creek Substation to be built in Cheyenne County while crossing Washington and Kit Carson counties along the route. Segment 3 connects the new Goose Creek Substation to the May Valley Substation Xcel will build in Kiowa County. Segment 4 runs from the new May Valley Substation on the plains west to the new Sandstone Substation outside Puelo and beyond to the existing Tundra Substation in Pueblo. The Colorado Power Pathway Xcel Energy Colorado readies the eastern plains for the new energy economy By Sean O’Keefe

“We are planning to have our first new lines in service by 2025. So that is just about a year out,” continues Velasquez Horvath. “The plan is to have the entire line in service by 2027, which is well within reach. I think it’s important to note that in addition to clean energy, this project also provides a substantial, sustainable revenue stream for the counties in the form of property tax and payments to affected landowners.” As an example of what to expect, Velasquez Horvath points to a recent renewable energy project on the eastern plains as the tip of the iceberg. In 2020, Xcel completed Cheyenne Ridge, a wind power project in Cheyenne and Kit Carson County. That project generates 500 megawatts, enough electricity to power 270,000 average Colorado homes. Over its lifetime, Cheyenne Ridge will produce an estimated $107 million in landowner payments and $29 million in new tax revenue for surrounding communities. More than 200 workers were involved in building the project, and Xcel created 24 full-time operations and maintenance jobs to maintain the assets. When fully built out to capacity, the Colorado Power Pathway intends to transmit 11 times that amount of clean energy. “Working toward our 2030 goal for 80 percent clean energy in Colorado, we are looking at putting in 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy generation,” says Velasquez Horvath of Xcel’s near-term objectives. “There are a lot of jobs and positive economic impacts that will enhance life on the eastern plains as these communities become vital players in the new energy economy.” Asked about challenges, Velasquez Horvath points out a few. Snaking 550 miles of high-intensity infrastructure through 12 distinct jurisdictions is no small undertaking. Xcel’s present focus is on understanding the specifics of each county’s permitting requirements and the nuances of each commissioner’s office along the route. “When Xcel secured the Colorado Public Utilities Commission’s approval for this project, we made a series of commitments in terms of meeting a specific timeline and staying within budget,” says Velasquez Horvath. “We applied for this in March of 2021. At the time, no one could have projected the inflation rates or supply chain issues that have occurred since.” In partnership with Quanta Services, Xcel is currently on track to meet all milestones and budget objectives. Quanta Services provides infrastructure services for electric power, pipeline, industrial and commercial industries. Quanta is leading the build-out effort on the Colorado Power Pathway project and working with Xcel to ensure the workforce meets IBEW union requirements for fair wages and labor standards. Like all forms of infrastructure, the electrical grid must be maintained. As electricity becomes ever-more important, it also becomes increasingly complicated to keep up with the demand. “Xcel Energy has served Colorado customers for nearly 150 years. So, much of our existing equipment is easily 50 years old,” explains Velasquez Horvath. “As we move toward a new push/ pull energy economy, where power travels from rural areas to cities and from individually owned rooftop solar back into the grid, we need to think what the green energy future will look like.” At present, generally, electricity isn’t being wasted because the demand is so high that it’s hard to oversell. However, as more buildings, homes, and venues integrate private, onsite energy generation, the time-of-use cycle of demand will shift, leading to conversations about effective onsite storage, rates-of-pay, and grid-aware architecture. “What I love about working at Xcel is the challenge,” finishes Velasquez Horvath. “From government to private industry, project partners, and the public, Xcel works with a full spectrum of stakeholders to solve complex interconnected issues in infrastructure, energy, business, policy, and everyday life. Xcel Energy plans to be here for another 150 years, so these relationships must thrive. We have a responsibility to be good citizens for our communities.”

16┃ Colorado Public Works Journal YOUR CONSTRUCTION TRAINING PARTNER CONSULTING | TRAINING | WORKSHOPS | IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL LEADERSHIP | COMMUNICATION | L&D | EMOTIONAL-INTELLIGENCE | WELL-BEING AMY POWELL CEO, WELLWORKS Providing solutions for: Executives, HR or L&D - Well Works provides consulting, training, and workshops on how to build or bolster your internal training and development programs. Field, Project Team, and Management - Well Works offers high-quality, pre-built training curricula, programs, and workshops focused on leadership development, communication, trust, emotional intelligence, and team dynamics for the construction industry. 970-500-3911 | APOWELL@LIVINGWELLWORKS.ORG | WWW.LIVINGWELLWORKS.ORG

SPRING 2024┃17 RETHINK YOUR ASPHALT Micro crews Minimal lane closures No mixing, no tack No stockpile leaching ENDURANCE MEETS CONVENIENCE Discover the perfect balance of endurance and convenience with EZ Street Asphalt. Our engineered asphalt is designed to provide long-lasting performance while ooering the endurance of hot mix and convenience of cold mix. No matter the application, whether it is a pothole, overlay, or utility cut, EZ Street Asphalt is the reliable choice that exceeds expectations. YOUR INSIDE CONNECTION AVAILABLE IN 50 LB BAGS AND LOOSE BULK Meet CASI Asphalt & Concrete. Their bringing EZ Street all-temperature asphalt to your community. Give CASI a call to see for yourself. We can set up a demo, or send over a sample bag CASI ASPHALT & CONCRETE PERFORMANCE-PROVEN WORKS IN WATER THERMALLY RESILIENT Ambient ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY TM 3700 E. 56th Ave Commerce City, CO 80022 Phone: (303) 292-3434

18┃ Colorado Public Works Journal HOT SHOT SUPPLY CO. M/WBE, SBE, and DBE certified. Hot Shot Supply is your expert in heavy highway construction materials supply. With over 25 years of combined experience in the storm drainage industry, Hot Shot Supply can aid in procurement of castings, pipe, outlet structures metals, grating, handrail, concrete material and much more! We specialize in stocking CDOT approved products for the concrete paving industry and heavy highway market. Hot Shot Supply has been supplying Colorado since 2010 and would love for you to join our team for your Heavy Highway, Concrete Paving and Infrastructure material needs. HEAVY HIGHWAY CONCRETE PAVING INFRASTRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL 5351 Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado 80216 (720) 319-1150 COLORADO AND WYOMING

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20┃ Colorado Public Works Journal INTRODUCTION Welcome to THE Road Ahead - Tom Peterson 2024 is a celebration year for CAPA as it marks the 30th Anniversary of the “Best in Colorado” Asphalt Pavement Awards. This program began in 1994 with awards for each of the initial six categories. Over the years, additional categories have been added, competition has increased significantly from across the state and as a result, the overall everyday quality of work in our industry continues to excel. Since the program began, over 1,100 projects have been nominated for consideration resulting in 337 “Best in Colorado” awards. We thank our forefathers for the heavy lifting and establishing a rock-solid mission of “advancing the use and quality of asphalt pavements in Colorado”. As you read on in the magazine this spring, you will see the 13 projects recognized by CAPA as the Best of the Best in 2023 along with those contractors who received recognition from CDOT for Plant production and Smoothness awards. Enjoy this issue of THE Road Ahead and congratulations to all the recipients of the 30th Annual “Best in Colorado” Asphalt Awards. Truly the best of the best. WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM Introduction er with Colorado Public Works Journal Fall 2022 issue of THE Road Ahead, The publication is full of information on ry and most importantly our product, als. CAPA is laser focused on advancing phalt pavements in Colorado. We hope n idea, a conversation or a follow-up in achieving this mission. help in that lofty endeavor! HERoad Ahead! nt Association com held at the National Center for Asphalt uburn University is the premier asphalt ourse in the United States. The course erials and construction and is being held 2023. The joint APWA Colorado hips provide a stipend for travel and overed. For more information or to apply, wa-capa-scholarships. Asphalt Technology Scholarships due by Friday, 12/2 Tom Peterson Thomas Peterson, P.E. Executive Director Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association 2┃ The Road Ahead


22┃ Colorado Public Works Journal 4┃ The Road Ahead ASSOCIATES 360 Paving, LLC, Eagle, 970-328-4900 ABC Asphalt, Brighton, 303-659-3706 All Colorado Trucks and Trailers, Denver, 303-494-647 A.G. Wassenaar Inc., Denver, 303-756-2920 A-Core Concrete Specialists of Colorado, Denver, 720-899-4899 A-One Chipseal Company, Westminster, 303-464-9267 A-Peak Asphalt Inc., Vail, 970-476-8855 Acord Asphalt, Inc., Granby, 970-887-0363 Albert Frei & Sons, Henderson, 303-289-1837 ALC Property Maintenance, Arvada, CO 303-564-1018 Alpha Milling Co. Inc., Denver, 303-428-2899 Alpine Civil Construction Andale Construction Inc., Wichita, KS, 505-716-6851 Antigo Construction Inc., Antigo, WI, 715-627-2222 Arkema - Road Science LLC, Berthoud, 970-389-2639 ARS Companies, Littleton, 303-791-7404 Asphalt Doctors Inc., Denver, 303-956-8201 Asphalt Systems Inc Asphalt Testing Services (ATS), Denver, 303-923-5493 Astec Inc., Chattanooga, TN, 423-867-4210 Atkins, Denver, 303-221-7275 Atlas Technical Consultants, Denver, 303-975-9959 Avery Asphalt Inc., Colorado Springs, 719-471-0110 Barbarick, LLC, Colorado Springs, 719-495-9013 Best Engineering Solutions, Silverthorne, 970-409-9670 Bobcat of the Rockies, Golden, 303-216-1402 BOMAG Americas Inc., Kewanee, IL, 800-782-6624 Brelko Conveyor Products, Boulder, CO 303-544-0818 Buckhorn Engineering, Montrose, CO 970-497-8852 Caterpillar Inc., Brooklyn Park, MN, 303-336-3693 CEI Enterprises Inc., Albuquerque, NM, 800-545-4034 Cenovus Energy, Dublin, OH 318-210-5310 Chacon Paving Inc., Northglenn, CO 303-450-0616 Chavez Construction Inc. CMT Technical Services, Centennial, 303-220-0300 Coatings Inc., Arvada, 303-434-4303 COBITCO Inc., Denver, 303-296-8575 Columbine Hills Concrete Inc., Silverthorne, 970-468-7813 Colorado Barricade, Denver, 303-922-7815 Colorado Machinery LLC, Colorado Springs, 719-475-1100 Colorado Milling, Westminster, 303-358-4343 Coughlin Company, St. George, UT, 435-634-1266 Crafco Inc., Chandler, AZ, 800-227-4059 CTL/Thompson Inc., Denver, 303-825-0777 Cutler Repaving Inc., Lawrence, KS, 785-843-1524 DACS Dillman Equipment, Norman, OK, 888-818-4807 Dustrol Inc., Albuquerque, NM, 505-891-8342 Earth Engineering Consultants Inc., Windsor, 970-224-1522 EFC Inc., Columbia, IL 314-241-8500 Elite Surface Infrastructure, Denver, 303-287-0777 Entech Engineering Inc., Colorado Springs, 719-531-5599 ESCO, Evergreen, 303-674-3385 EZ Street Company, The, Miami, FL, 800-734-1476 Faris Machinery Company, Commerce City, 303-289-5743 Fiore & Sons, Denver, 303-429-8893 Foothills Paving and Maintenance Inc., Golden, 303-462-5600 Gencor Industries Inc., Conifer, 303-670-5456 Geocal Inc., Centennial, 303-337-0338 CAPA Member List March 2023 ASPHALT PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS GMCO Corp., Rifle, 970-625-9100 Goltz Asphalt Co., Loveland, 970-663-2343 Ground Engineering Consultants, Commerce City, 303-289-1989 Hamon Infrastructure – Denver, 303- 297-0340 Intertek - PSI, Westminster, 303-424-5578 Jacobs Engineering Group, Denver, 303-820-5240 Jesik Consultants Kleinfelder Inc., Golden, 303-237-6601 Kraemer NA, Castle Rock, 303-688-7500 Kumar & Associates Inc., Denver, 303-742-9700 LHoist North America, Henderson, NV, 702-818-1575 Loya Construction, Commerce City, CO 720-585-1311 Mc Donald Paving and Chip Sealing Martinez Associates LLC, Denver, 303-459-2216 Maxwell Products, Salt Lake City, CO 801-972-2090 Metro Pavers Inc., Henderson, 303-427-1039 MHC Kenworth, Denver, 720-941-0833 Mile High Paving, Co., Arvada, 720-441-5519 Minds Corp., Las Vegas, NV, 702-930-2984 National Pavement Partners, Commerce City, 303-218-5292 New West Paving, Denver, 303-427-0550 Ninyo & Moore, Greenwood Village, 303-629-6000 Northwest Colorado Consultants, Steamboat Springs, 970-879-7888 Pete Lien and Sons, Rapid City, SD, 605-342-7224 Pickering, Cole and Hivner, Westminster, 303-996-2999 Power Equipment Company, Colorado Springs, 888-690-8292 Power Motive Corporation, Denver, 303-355-5900 Prime Milling, LLC Propane Transport International, Houston, TX, 281-552-4024 Protex, The PT Xperts, Aurora, 303-834-0671 Purple Wave Auction, Manhattan, KS, 866-608-9283 Pyramid Paving, Colorado Springs, 719-576-7600 Roadtec Inc., Grand Junction, 970-270-5026 Robinson Grading & Profiling, Gillette, WY, 307-682-2422 Rocky Mountain Civil Excavating, Brighton, 303-669-3623 RockSol Consulting Group, Inc., Westminster, 303-962-9300 RSA Protective Technologies, LLC Rush Truck Centers, Commerce City, 303-291-6300 SCI Engineering, Denver, CO 303-321-3154 Seal Coat Solutions – Colorado Springs, (719) 634-1001 Shannon and Wilson, Inc, Denver, 303-825-3800 Soilogic Inc., Longmont, 970-535-6144 Son-Haul Inc., Fort Morgan, 970-867-4401 Southwest JCB, Commerce City, CO 720-386-6040 Statewide Milling LLP, Thornton, CO 720-391-2814 Sunland Asphalt, Littleton, 303-791-8300 Tenna LLC, Golden, 303-273-1417 Terex Roadbuilding, Oklahoma City, OK, 405-787-6020 Terracon, Wheat Ridge, 303-423-3300 Trautner Geotech LLC, Durango, 970-259-5095 Trax Construction, Colorado Springs, 719-638-8729 Valley Equipment, Denver, 303-293-3377 Vance Bros., Denver, 303-341-2604 Vine Laboratories, Denver, 303-662-1166 Vivid Engineering Group, Colorado Springs, 719-896-4356 Wagner Equipment Company, Aurora, 303-739-3000 Western Milling, LLC, Grand Junction, 970-242-3964 Western Technologies Inc., Farmington, NM, 505-327-4966 Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions, Denver, 303-935-6505 Yeh and Associates Inc., Denver, 303-781-9590 CAPA welcomed 18 new members in 2023. We continue to be the largest State Asphalt Pavement Association with nearly 270 members because of our members and the services we provide to them. JOIN US TODAY! JOIN OUR GROWING LIST OF MEMBERS. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT TOM CLAYTON at 303-741-6150 ext.151, or 265 Members and Growing!

SPRING 2024┃23 SPRING 2024┃5 AFFILIATES Alliance GeoSynthetics, Lake Oswego, OR, 949-610-6098 Assignar, Denver, Denver, 303-228-5405 Award & Sign, Englewood, 303-799-8979 Balanced Engineering, Denver, 303-523-6074 Basis Partners, Colorado Springs, 719-299-5077 BG Chemical LP, Dallas, TX, 800-725-8470 Cargill Inc., Wayzata, MN 1-800-842-3631 Centaurs, Houston, TX 719-433-0614 Civil Technology, Inc., Denver, 303-292-0348 Cloud Colorado, Parker, 303-708-9725 Colorado Public Works Journal, Denver, 720-205-4681 Colorado Road Painting LLC, Loveland, CO Commercial Credit Group Denver Industrial Sales & Service, Denver, 303-935-2485 Diamond Companies, Denver, CO 303-733-7341 Earth Science Systems, Wheatridge, 303-800-2000 Earthwave Technologies, Indianapolis, IN, 317-218-6101 ECME, Mancos, 970-759-5320 Ellis Profiling, Mapleton, UT, 801-380-7832 Evergreen Solutions LLC, Alberta, Canada 4033-273-8000 Falcon Aerial Imaging, Thornton, 720-360-8388 First Western Trust Bank GRC Consulting, Inc, Frederick, 303-288-4703 Go West, IT, Centennial, 303-795-2200 Haul Hub Technologies, Haverhill, Maine 833-428-5482 HR Green, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Holmes, Murphy & Associates, Denver, 303-283-9966 Huitt-Zollars, Inc., Denver, 303-740-7325 Ingevity, North Charleston, NC, 800-845-1983 InstroTek Inc., Raleigh, NC, 919-875-8371 Kimley Horn, LLC, Denver, CO, 303-228-2300 Libra Systems, Denver, 303-740-7325 Loveland Barricade, Loveland, 970-663-5311 Mark Ryan Inc., Conifer, 303-674-4754 Momentum Energy Services, Denver, 303-623-5756 Moody Insurance Agency Inc., Denver, 303-824-6600 OSCS Inc., Fort Worth, TX, 817-834-5411 PEXCO, Tacoma, WA, 253-284-8000 Precise Striping, LLC, Commerce City, 303-462-2800 PRI Asphalt Technologies, Tampa, FL 813-621-5777 Procom, LLC, Pueblo, CO 719-295-1911 QPC, Wheatridge, 970-361-1525 RaptorWorx, Parker, CO 720-808-8657 Redhawk Consulting, LLC, Golden, 303-656-0041 Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, Longmont, 303-881-1399 Roadway Asset Services. LLC Rocky Mountain Profilograph, Colorado City, 719-250-5556 RSA Protective Technologies LLC, Loveland CO Sapphire Gas Solutions, LLC, Dallas, TX, 214-500-6876 Schrader Propane, Fort Collins, CO, 970-484-1212 Seal Master Denver, Denver, 303-394-2220 Stanley Consultants, Englewood, 720-733-1821 Steffes Group Inc. Strategic Financial Partners, Colorado Springs, 719-388-0237 Superior Traffic Services Tenna, LLC, Aurora, 303-503-0926 Tensar International Corp., Broomfield, 303-429-9511 Town of Nederland, Nederland, 303-258-3266 Triax Engineering, LLC, Denver, 720-230-1931 Tread, Toronto CA 888-558-7323 TST Inc. of Denver, Lone Tree, 303-792-0557 USI Insurance Services, Denver, CO 303-831-5219 Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Colorado Springs, 719-591-7239 Western Infrastructure Inc., Centennial, 970-261-5004 Work Zone Traffic Control, Inc, Pueblo, 719-296-0222 WSP - Colorado Springs, 719-452-4293 AFFILIATE AGENCY MEMBERS CAPA has an Affiliate-Agency Member List that includes 79 city, county, town and other government agencies (including the E-470 Public Highway Authority and the Northwest Parkway Public Highway Authority) that have joined to benefit from training and education, technical assistance, and specification development. For High Quality Asphalt Paving and Professional Services - Call a CAPA Member today!


SPRING 2024┃25 SPRING 2024┃7 INDUSTRY NEWS 2024 Local Agency Pavement Condition and Funding Summary Data Available CAPA has published the 2024 Local Agency Summary Pavement Condition Report and it is available to download from the CAPA website. Across the state there are 88,000 lane miles of asphalt and local agencies are responsible for funding and maintaining 74% of that network (over 65,000 lane miles). Over one hundred agencies have now provided street funding and condition data in the 2024 edition. Agency feedback has been very responsive “Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this information, it is very useful”…“Thanks for sharing other agencies responses so we can see where we are”…“Thank you for continuing to put this together, it is a great tool to share with our Elected Officials”. Of the 20 agencies that reported both 2023 and 2024 data, 68% reported the same or an increase in their streets budget (+$13.3M) and 32% reported a decrease (-$16.7M). Budget data also indicates that Capital Improvement Project spending is down 26%%, Mill & Overlay programs have stayed flat and Maintenance Programs have slightly increased. Agencies are reporting that over $458M has been budgeted for 2024 Annual Street Improvement Programs with an additional $296M in Capital Projects…that’s a total of over $755M being spent by Local Agencies this year on streets and infrastructure across Colorado. For more information contact CAPA’s Director of Pavement Engineering Mike Skinner at

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28┃ Colorado Public Works Journal 10┃ The Road Ahead 51st Annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show Conference Highlights: • Held February 6 & 7, 2024 at the National Western Complex • An inspirational general keynote session led by Sidney Smith, Double Amputee, Extreme Athlete and Outdoorsman • 35 breakout sessions on construction, materials, maintenance, safety, design and leadership. • Over 1,000 paid attendees and over 300 exhibitor representatives, speakers, and volunteers. Mark Your Calendars The 52nd Annual Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show is scheduled for February 18 & 19, 2025. For more information, visit,

SPRING 2024┃29 ┃11 Denver International Airport Taxiway EE. Paving Contractor: Brannan Sand and Gravel Co. General Contractor: Flatiron Engineering Services: CMT Technical Services Denver International Airport contracted a new FAA-funded $50M taxiway to enhance safety and efficiency. Taxiway EE eliminated a hot spot at the intersection of two other taxiways, allowing unrestricted access to and from Runway 17L-35R. The 27,000 tons of asphalt placed on this project was along the shoulders of the concrete runway at a total of 10” depth. 2023 “Best in Colorado” Asphalt Pavement Awards CATEGORY - AIRPORT: