Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2024

WINTER 2024┃7 Works News E Q U I P M E N T The Wirtgen Group Presents an Extensive Portfolio of Innovative and Market-Driven Solutions for Precise and Efficient Concrete Paving at World of Concrete 2024 The highlight at the World of Concrete show from January 23-25, 2024, is a complete concrete paving train from Wirtgen – comprising a placer/spreader WPS 102i, a slipform paver SP 124i, and a texture curing machine TCM 180i. The offset paver models SP 15i and SP 25i impressively round off the selection of Wirtgen Group solutions on display at the booth shared with John Deere (C5327) at the show. Extremely Versatile Offset Slipform Pavers Wirtgen presents two extremely adaptable pavers for offset concrete paving, the SP 15i and the SP 25i. Both machines enable flexible positioning of the slipform paving mold, which is an enormous advantage when producing monolithic profiles in the offset process. The SP 15i is equipped with a telescoping extension for the operator’s platform. This affords operators a better overview of the paving results, the concrete feeding system, the transfer hopper, and of the inside of the consolidation compartment of the mold. The multifunctional slipform paver SP 25i can pave a wide range of monolithic profiles up to a height of 6 ft 7 in (2 m) and concrete slabs with a width of up to 12 ft (4 m). Furthermore, the specially developed AutoPilot 2.0 control system enables stringless control of the machine. Inset Slipform Paver SP 124i for Paving Widths of up to 40 ft (12 m) The SP 124i is a fully modular, 40-foot class (12-meter class) inset slipform paver that is characterized by the enormous variety of tasks it can fulfill in the construction of wide roads and highways, airport aprons, taxiways, and runways. The machine frame, which can be hydraulically telescoped lengthwise and mechanically telescoped sideways, enables ideal adaptation of the machine to the needs of any construction site. Four hydraulic swing legs enable easier transportation of the machine and ensure its outstanding ability to adapt to all conditions typically encountered on construction sites. In Las Vegas, the four-track paver will be shown in a paving train together with a placer/spreader WPS 102i and a texture curing machine TCM 180i . The Placer/Spreader WPS 102i Increases Productivity When road surfaces and paths are paved over preplaced reinforcing steel, the concrete can often only be supplied from the side. The placer/spreaders from Wirtgen are the perfect choice for this task. As the leading machine in a paving train, they travel over the preplaced steel rebar ahead of the slipform paver and the texture curing machine. A truck feeds the concrete from the side, and the placer/ spreader then distributes it evenly across the entire working width. The concrete can be placed for working widths ranging from 12 ft to 40 ft (4 m to 12 m) at thicknesses of up to 20 in (500 mm). Thanks to its fully modular construction concept and standard fitted quickrelease hydraulic couplings, the WPS 102i can be just as easily reconfigured as its “little brother”, the WPS 62i. This ensures fast transportation from job to job and maximizes machine utilization rates. The WPS 102i can be precisely controlled by stringline scanning, stringless 3D applications, or by Wirtgen AutoPilot 2.0. Stringless Control for Higher Efficiency and Greater Safety Developed by Wirtgen, AutoPilot 2.0 is a control system for stringless paving that provides an alternative to the conventional method of mechanically scanning a stringline. The system, which precisely controls both the machine’s height and steering, is available for all offset pavers and placer/spreaders. A GNSS signal and, depending on the configuration, various local sensors – for example, an ultrasonic sensor on the machine – serve as a reference. This completely eliminates the need for a stringline and the time and effort otherwise required for setting it up and removing it after job completion. It also enables fast and precise paving of tight radii and complex geometries. The Wirtgen AutoPilot 2.0 system provides machine control and stringless control of the concrete paving process in one.