Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2024

40┃ Colorado Public Works Journal minimizing distractions will require intense logistics planning. Of course, we know there could be unforeseen conditions and situations the team will have to deal with on the fly. That’s where the CM/GC process is paying off.” Putting this together began with an RFP for design services in 2018. A full six years later, the early stages of the project are underway. Physical construction started in September 2023 and is scheduled to stretch to May 2026. Phillips asserts that aviation infrastructure isn’t easy to operate or inexpensive to maintain and improve. “There are always competing priorities and limited funding in aviation. Our strategic goal is to keep our costs low so that we aren’t adding to the price of airfare,” says Phillips. ElevateCOS will be financially supported through various sources, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Airport Improvement Grant, FAA Airport Terminal Program funding, and FAA Passenger Facility Charge funding. “The project will not draw from taxpayer funds. We will cash-flow this project phase-by-phase so there are no cost increases to passengers.” “In the end, it’s about serving our community. That is what drives everything we do,” finishes Phillips. “Everything we do is to Elevate the customer experience at COS.”C COS Phases of Work Phase 1: Gates 2 and 4 / The Premier Lounge / South Bathroom Upgrades Phase 2: Gates 6, 8, and 10 / North Bathroom Upgrades Phase 3: Gates 9, 11, and 12 Phase 4: Gates 5, 7 / Hudson Group Retail Space / SSP America Food Court Phase 5: Gates 1 and 3 Phase 6: Raise Soffits and New Ceilings Phase 7: Concourse Entry and Exit Ramp Phase 8: Terrazzo Flooring in Concourse We are proud to partner with HB&A Architecture and Planning and Nunn Construction through a CM/GC process. This a first for COS compared to how the City of Colorado Springs worked in the past.” To this point, COS has operated under the Design-BidBuild rubric whereby the designer is hired and develops Construction Documents to 100 percent completion for award to qualified contractors by low-bid. In a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) contract, the owner hires a contractor to work with the design team during preconstruction. Frequently, this results in a twostage contract for the General Contractor, who takes on preconstruction responsibilities on fee in pursuit of the building project’s Guaranteed Maximum Price or GMP. This pivotal moment becomes the owner’s buy-in point for the project’s not-to-exceed construction costs of the second contract. “The big challenge here is fairly obvious,” says Phillips of the work ahead. “We are doing important, complicated construction in the middle of an operating airport. Doing this safely and