Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2024

WINTER 2024┃39 accommodate the ski/bike/golf club crowd Colorado can’t help but attract. Longer-term, Phillips envisions a much improved in-line baggage system. The intent is to ensure COS stays competitive nationally while distinguishing itself regionally. “Another area we are focused on is accessibility,” says Phillips. Within the concourse, improvements focused explicitly on accessibility will include a hearing loop system in all the hold rooms and getting rid of carpet in the passenger movement areas to improve the ability of wheelchairs to move around, among other changes. “Colorado Springs is uniquely positioned to serve a large population of people with physical disabilities due to being a military community and because of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center and the new Museum. We are looking at what is being done in other airports, hotels, and hightraffic public spaces to see what else we can do for the wheeled of the world.” Though Phillips has had his hands on rehabilitating COS for most of his seven years so far, he’s aware of the challenges ahead. In meeting those challenges, he has assembled a team of design and construction professionals under COS Design & Construction Manager Deanna Stoddard that he can rely on to provide the best counsel and the best conclusion for his community. “We want to work in partnership with people with the same end goal as us, which is to serve the community of Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs