Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2024

The Colorado Public Works Journal - J O U R N A L THE EDITOR REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can now be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think at WINTER 2024┃3 Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Thank you for continuing to subscribe to us and please do remember to introduce your friends and coworkers. If you would rather not receive CPWJ in print, or wish to change your delivery address please let us know at As a regular reader of Colorado Public Works Journal you will know that our NEWS highlights are always on pages 6- 12. Whether it be a new piece of equipment or technology, a career move or a job promotion, a ground breaking or project completed. This is the space FOR YOUR NEWS so please do let us know what is happening in your business. However, for this issue WE have news of our own to share and since it is OUR magazine, we are putting it up right up here in the front! Colorado Public Works Journal and the associated titles that we publish is now under new ownership. As of January 1st PRIME Media LLC is the publishing house for: • Colorado Public Works Journal. • Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association’s; Annual Membership Directory and The Road Ahead Magazine. • APWA Colorado Chapter’s Snow & Ice Conference Program. • American Concrete Pavement Association’s CO/WY Annual Awards Issue. • ACEC of Colorado’s Engineering Excellence Project Awards Issue. • Plus special issues tailored to our industry, such as; Denver Union Station, Women in Construction and Careers in Construction. And, we are GROWING, so please feel free to reach out if your company would benefit from our publishing expertise to showcase your work, an anniversary, or a celebratory milestone in a publication of it’s own. We would be happy to schedule a time to discuss what we can offer and show examples of what we have done for other organizations in the industry. It is amazing to me that 10 years ago I started working for the then publisher of CPWJ as an Account Executive. I was hired to sell advertising space, obtain new subscribers and gain awareness of the publication. Back then we had around 1800 subscribers, a dozen or so advertisers, the publication was at around 40-48 pages pages, we had no website and social media didn’t exist. Today, I am the Publisher, CEO, Editor and Business Development Director of CPWJ. We have over 5,000 subscribers (in print and online) a dedicated website, we are on social media platforms; LinkedIn, FB and Instagram. We publish on average 68-72 pages an issue and we have over 30 regular advertising partners (who we recognize on page 11 of this issue) Did I think I would be running the company years after being hired? Absolutely not. This girl from England, who had sold interior furnishings to large corporate companies in London for 20 years, had no knowledge of the infrastructure industry, and in fact barely knew Colorado. I took the job as a side hustle to fit in with my other roles of wife and mother. But, as I got more involved in the industry and met the wonderful people that you all are, I got drawn in. I enjoyed learning new things and was fascinated about how roads and bridges were built, the complex materials that were used. All the different skills one needs to handle machinery and equipment. I was in awe of it all. I was fortunate to have, and still have, many mentors and sponsors who have helped and supported me from day one. People who I can turn to with questions or ask advice. This job is probably considered my second, or even third act in career terms, but it truly has been a surprisingly fulfilling one, to know that I have been a part of keeping the infrastructure industry connected through what you are holding in your hands right now. So, If you are considering an opportunity to try something new for 2024, make a change in your career, or start a business, give it a go, you may be surprised, like me, as to where it takes you.