Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2024

WINTER 2024┃17 Ulane introduces Todd Green as the Program Manager assigned to GJT. Green has been with the Aeronautics Division for 11 years after spending four years at Centennial Airport in Arapahoe County. “I am proud to be one of only nine people out of 3,500 CDOT employees that doesn’t do surface transportation in Colorado,” says Green. “One of the things that we looked at in Grand Junction was that 4/22 is a crosswind runway, which is important for the general aviation community. When we evaluate this from a regional crosswind perspective, we can see the importance of investing in 4/22 and GJT as critical to our overall investment in the western slope.” In 2023, through the Colorado Aeronautical Board, GJT received a $4 million grant to rehabilitate 4/22. The state’s support covered 90 percent of the rehabilitation costs, representing the largest grant ever approved by the Board in its 33-year history. “Honestly, flight is a little bit of a magic trick,” finishes Padalecki in summarizing the big picture. “It really takes a lot of dedicated people to pull it off. The value of aviation is that it keeps places from becoming islands, where you are on your own.” Shout OUT: Funding: Colorado Aeronautical Board / Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority Engineering and Construction Administration: Garver / JDT RPR Services Geotechnical and Materials Testing: Yeh and Associates / GeoStrata General Contractor: United Companies Airfield Electrical: Pro Electrical Contractors Surveying: River City Consultants