Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2023

8┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Works News U P D A T E S The EPIC CAMPUS in Littleton set to open in the FALL of 2023 The new Explorative Pathways for Innovative Careers (EPIC) project is the transformation of two existing buildings and a parking lot into a campus design to support indoor and outdoor learning, while connecting students to Littleton’s broader historical and cultural context. The EPIC educational program is entirely new for the District and is founded upon a vision for students to discover potential career pathways in a unique professional environment. The curriculum and facility design is informed by expertise of community partners such as Arapahoe Community College. The physical building spaces are renovated to be adaptable to changing workforce needs over time. The central “Pathways Plaza” features various unique elements such as an overhead canopy structure for solar panels, a construction yard, and multiple flexible outdoor learning spaces. The campus is designed to showcase climate sensitive/native plant species that contribute to the re-establishment of natural habitats and require less volume of water and maintenance, more permeable surfaces, greenhouse or farm-to-table program techniques, and use of stormwater run-off. Opening to students in August 2023, it will provide opportunities for students to experience hands-on learning using state-of-the-art Iron Woman is extremely proud to announce that our 27th Street Storm Interceptor project received the American Public Works Association’s Public Works Project of the Year in the Environment, $5 million to $25 million category for 2023! The project improved public safety by relieving drainage and flooding issues in the Curtis Park and Five Points neighborhoods. Stormwater runoff in this rapidly developing area drained to the South Platte River at the over-utilized 36th Street Outfall, which often led to flooding during storms. The project included approximately 5,900 linear feet of large storm pipe ranging in size from 78 inches to 96 inches in diameter located in 27th Street between Blake Street and Welton Street, and in Washington Street between 27th Street and 20th Avenue. Iron Woman is recognized alongside our client, The City and County of Denver, and primary design consultant, Merrick & Company. Congratulations to all! technology and innovative processes. Educational pathways aligned to industry standards will focus on the following areas: • Aerospace • Business and Entrepreneurship • Computer Science • Construction Trades • Future Educator • Health Science • Natural Resources The learning experiences at the Explorative Pathways for Innovative Careers Campus will give students the opportunity to earn content credit, industry certifications, concurrent enrollment, and work-based learning. Located in the heart of Littleton, the Explorative Pathways for Innovative Careers Campus is sure to be in high demand by a variety of students as they explore career options. Students will come to the EPIC Campus for a portion of their school day, then return to their home high school for the remainder of their day. Transportation will be provided to and from a student’s home LPS high school. APWA Public Work’s Project of the Year