Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2023

8┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Works News E q u i p m e n t PERMANENT PAVEMENT REPAIR MATERIAL Todd Mellema 303-935-2485 ALL WEATHER SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE IN BAGS & BULK Wirtgen: New Generation Z2 round-shank picks Presentation of new optimised cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers at Bauma 2022. The demands on cutting tools for environmentally friendly cold recycling and efficient soil stabilisation are varied. The most important of these demands include high cutting performance, resistance to extreme impacts and maximum resistance to wear. With the new, extremely durable Generation Z2 round-shank picks, Wirtgen sets standards when it comes to long service life, reliability and efficiency. Proven benefit: the wear plate with the grooved profile increases efficiency A newly developed wear plate with a special grooved profile improves centring and demonstrably optimises rotation behaviour. This ensures that the durable carbide tip is always ready to cut and assures best possible carbide utilisation. In addition, the grooved profile reduces lengthwise wear of the roundshank pick holder and extends service life by up to 25%. Higher resilience and reliability In order to assure consistently secure seating of the pick in the pick holder bore, the Generation Z² round-shank picks feature the tried and tested TwinStop clamping sleeve from Wirtgen. The optimised carbide composition with a higher proportion of cobalt guarantees additional resistance to even the highest impact forces. Key technology for greater machine efficiency Wirtgen sees high savings potential for users in the further development of its innovative cutting technologies. The perfect interplay between machines and high-performance cutting tools plays an important role in the realisation of maximum efficiency in everyday working scenarios. The use of the new Generation Z2 round-shank picks further increases operational reliability. The higher machine utilisation rates and productivity achieved result in lower operating costs and greater efficiency. Cold recyclers and soil stabilisers benefit from the innovative cutting technology of the new Generation Z2 round-shank picks from Wirtgen Thanks to high resistance to impacts and shank fracturing, and best possible protection of the pick holder, the new Wirtgen Generation Z2 cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers deliver impressive performance in all materials.