Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2023

48┃ Colorado Public Works Journal Angela Folkestad is the Executive Director of ACPA, Colorado/Wyoming Chapter and can be reached at ACPA Colorado/wyoming chapter Angela Folkestad Concrete Overlays and the 2023 Concrete Pavement Workshop Are you facing pavement maintenance challenges with your county road, local street, urban arterial, parking lot, highway, interstate or airport? If so, there’s most likely a concrete overlay solution available to help you! You may be asking yourself “How do I get started with a concrete overlay?” The good news is that there are user-friendly tools available with great guidance to go along with them – and they’re available online and FREE to use. Julie Vandenbossche, the lead researcher and developer of the Bonded Concrete Overlays of Asphalt-Mechanistic Empirical (BCOA-ME) design program, will be presenting at ACPA’s annual concrete pavement workshop on March 2nd. Join her to learn more about the program and why it works – or start your education early and check out the free software for yourself: https:// The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center) has been developing guidance on concrete overlays for years, and published the 4th edition of the Guide to Concrete Overlays in 2021. They quickly followed that up with the release of the 2nd edition of the Guide to Concrete Overlays of Asphalt Parking Lots in 2022. Those documents and a wealth of additional information is available at: The Colorado DOT has built over 1.5 million square yards of 6-inch thick concrete overlays and over 10 million square yards of concrete overlays of all thicknesses over the last 30 years across the state. Leverage their vast experience to design and build your own concrete overlay – contact Sarah Sanders ( to learn more about and visit a concrete overlay near you. From a sustainability perspective, concrete overlays are a great opportunity for reduced GHG emissions after initial construction. They efficiently utilize resources and eliminate the need for disposal of existing pavements. Concrete overlays are cost effective and are constructed quickly while simultaneously extending the life of the pavement. Their longevity is inherently a sustainable approach to construction. Learn more about designing and building concrete overlays and maximizing your asset management dollars at the Annual Concrete Pavement Workshop on Thursday, March 2nd in Denver. Registration is open on our website at