Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2023

WINTER 2023┃17 Vision 100 Taking a long view, DEN expands significantly Scopes of Work B West: The first of four primary projects completed in the overall program, on B West DEN added four narrow-body gates and six seating areas, and a modern de-icing facility that serves as both a deicing station for aircraft and a fill-up station for truck-based de-icing operations. United took all four gates as part of their 22-gate increase when B West opened in November 2020. Project Team Leaders: HNTB (Design) and Turner/Flatiron Joint-Venture (Construction) C East: On the east side of Concourse C, DEN added approximately 530,000 square feet of space that encompasses 16 narrow-body gates and 20 holding rooms/seating areas. Southwest took those gates in May of 2022 when the area opened to the public. Also included in this segment is a commuter facility, focused on airlines serving regional airports across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain regions. In 2023, passengers will also have access to eight new shopping and dining options on the concourse level. Project Team Leaders: Jacobs (Design) and Holder/FCI Joint-Venture (Construction) B East: On Concourse B, the configuration splits into two fingers on the east end. Here the north finger was demolished and rebuilt to provide seven narrow body gates and five regional aircraft gates. The replacement area is approximately 120,000 square feet and opened in October 2022. United uses these gates. Project Team Leaders: Jacobs (Design) and Holder/FCI Joint-Venture (Construction) A West: On the West side of A, DEN added some 530,000 square feet of space, by far the largest of the four segments. Here 12 narrowbody gates, 16 holding/seating areas, and a similar de-ice system to B West opened to the public in November 2022. In this segment, DEN also accounted for the capacity to increase international arrivals of wide-body aircraft. By building in flexibility, DEN can convert two existing narrow-body gates into a single wide-body gate to accommodate future United flights arriving from Europe. Project Team Leaders: HNTB (Design) and Turner/Flatiron Joint-Venture (Construction) “As part of our expansion program, we also signed a new lease with Frontier to go from 9 to 14 gates,” says Williams of work that remains in progress. He estimates there will be another year and a half of construction on that segment, which will deliver ground-loaded operations. In total, the program will stretch across seven years, from late 2018 to mid-2024. “One of the great features of all of this is that we added three new outdoor decks at the ends of A West, B West, and C East,” says Williams. An array of seating options from sofa-style loungers around fire pits to four-tops, bar tops, and countertop workstations bask in the sun and boast expansive views of the Front Range and the Great Plains. “These are incredibly popular already. You can have food delivered, and there is a pet relief area. The decks really showcase Colorado’s amazing outdoor lifestyle.” Along the Way Asked about the challenges in all this, Williams can only shake his head. There were a few. Though a seasoned program manager with a history of delivering big on behalf of his community, Williams nor anyone else saw COVID-19 coming.