Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2022

Fall/Winter 2022 7 EQUIPMENT Works News Hamm: Low-emission compaction with environmentally friendly solutions For many years, Hamm has been developing fuel-efficient machine technology in order to achieve an efficient and, in turn, resourceconserving workflow on the construction site. One milestone included the Power Hybrid roller from the HD+ series. With eight electrified tandem rollers, Hamm is now entering the segment for fully electrical construction machines. Resource-conserving power train In all current series, the power train has been continuously optimized and designed for operation at reduced speeds. The operating companies therefore save fuel each day. The automatic engine stop also reduces consumption: It automatically switches off the engine after a few minutes of downtime, while also taking into consideration the requirements for the exhaust gas cleaning systems. The ECO mode, which is integrated into all series, also helps the driver to compact in a way that they can easily save fuel. Quiet Power Hybrid rollers save CO2 Back in 2016, Hamm was already the first manufacturer in the world to combine a diesel engine with a hydraulic accumulator for the development of alternative drives. With this Power Hybrid roller from the HD+ series, it was possible to reduce the fuel expenditure by around 15% – all without having to compromise on compaction power. This was also coupled with a reduction in noise emissions. Emission-free compaction with electric tandem rollers More and more municipalities are demanding low-emission or completely emission-free construction machines. In future, wherever compaction must be carried out free of emissions, the electrically powered tandem rollers in the HD CompactLine series can take over the compaction. When operating the electric tandem rollers, there are no differences to the diesel-powered models, and even the compaction power is identical. Fully electrical solution Conceptually, Hamm is relying on a fully electric solution: Thanks to a high degree of electrified components, the compaction specialists achieve an optimal energy yield. A maintenance-free Li-ion battery with a capacity of around 23 kWh supplies the components via a 48 V on-board power supply. Furthermore, the energy released from the drive engines and vibration motors when braking is used via recuperation. The bottom line is that the battery can be used to tackle an entire working day. To charge the permanently installed battery, plugs for 230 V and 400 V mains power are included on-board. Electric combination roller with oscillation: Quiet, low-vibration and emission-free The electric drive also drastically reduces the noise emissions since there is no longer any noise from the engine. This makes the electric tandem rollers ideal for all areas in which you want to compact with as little noise as possible. Since, in these environments, a low load with vibrations is often required, the compaction specialist is presenting electric vibration and oscillation rollers, as well as an electric combination roller with oscillation. This means that Hamm is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a tandem roller that works quietly, with low vibrations and free from emissions. Operating with biodiesel and HVO Most of the Hamm rollers that are currently on the market can already be operated with non-fossil fuels. This includes biodiesel, i.e. diesel fuel that is derived from plants, as well as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). These can be mixed in with the diesel fuel or can replace it entirely. This also includes biodegradable hydraulic oils for the standard product range.