Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2022

WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM Workforce Development – Promoting Career Opportunities Fall 2022 25 The Asphalt Industry: It’s Not Just a Job, it’s a CAREER!! In the Fall edition of the Colorado Public Works Journal there was a special supplement issue of Careers in Construction that highlighted many of the varied roles that serve the construction industry, including trades, apprenticeships, internship opportunities and more. The supplement addressed the compensation for workers at various positions. While this was a broad-based snapshot of the entire construction industry, we are more focused on the Asphalt industry. Moving directly from High school to a trade is rarely discussed in schools as an alternative to college. Trade jobs offer great career potential, providing good pay, stability, and a welcoming culture. We are looking for entry-level, mid-career, and seasoned professionals to join the industry and with on-the-job training there are numerous opportunities available throughout the United States. Support your family, stay physically fit, and join our diverse workforce that building the roads that connect America. The asphalt industry needs skilled workers and provides its workers with advancement pathways and opportunities to grow. • 91% of contractors are looking to hire new employees • Women make up 9.9 percent of the construction workforce, yet construction is an industry close to gender pay parity, with women making 99.1% of what men make. (Nationally women earn on average 81.1%). • Start a good career without the burden of college debt. With on-the-job training, workers can earn while they learn, and quickly gain the financial independence to start living the lifestyle they want. The information contained within the CAPA website (, developed by the National Asphalt Pavement Association, outlines the various career paths available and is a resource for job seekers who are not familiar with all the opportunities available in the asphalt industry. One example of a potential starting point would be an Entry-Level Career. Looking for an exciting new career path? Look toward the asphalt pavement industry, to start we have several positions where attitude and attendance are the key tools to success. Requiring little to no training and experience these opportunities are ready for any candidate today. See how you can contribute and join the industry. This information may be useful for parents’ teachers, counselors and high school students looking for alternative career paths to the traditional four-year university program. We hope that with the informational and pass along factor this issue will reach far and wide across the state of Colorado well into Giving students more scope of what is available to 2023 them outside of conventional options. Allowing young talent to learn from seasoned professionals to give them a rewarding and financially secure career.