Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2022

Fall 2022 23 CDOT UPDATE CDOT Region 1: A Visit with Jessica Myklebust, RTD (Regional Transportation Director) Tell us about Yourself. I’m a Colorado native, from Arvada. I grew up watching the Denver area grow and our transportation system evolve. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from CU Denver and a Master of Environmental Policy and Management from DU. I spent the first 17 years of my career on the private side with an engineering consulting firm. CDOT was a core client and I worked closely on a number of key projects including the 550/160 interchange in southwestern Colorado, which is currently under construction. My 5 years with CDOT have flown by and I have gone from being the Region 1 Environmental Manager, to Deputy Regional Transportation Director and now the Region 1 RTD. What do you see as the greatest challenges in Region 1? Region 1 is very diverse. It stretches from the eastern plains, through the metro Denver area, and up into the mountains. It has the most lane miles of any region and the largest population. We serve a very diverse public with a wide array of stakeholders and partners. Key challenges include ensuring success implementing the 10 Year Plan, being creative moving priority projects forward like the I-70 Floyd Hill, and recognizing that projects, including small noise walls or resurfacing projects, have a huge impact on the public. Please comment on your priority areas. Safety will always be a top priority. Anytime we can work together on safety we will. Our environmental focus needs to be on benchmarking and baselining where we currently are and then striving for improvements. As a leader, I want to make sure our staff have the resources to do well. If they have the right resources, they can be happy, productive and be engaged and enthusiastic. Any comments for the CAPA membership? We appreciate our partnership with the asphalt industry and the work we do together to build safe, high quality projects. Hopefully, I can help celebrate a Region 1 award winner at the CAPA Awards Dinner in February. WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM CDOT Region 1 - Fast Facts • Denver to the I-70 Eisenhower/ Johnson Memorial Tunnel. • Nine counties and 60 local agencies, an area of 2.9 million people, half of Colorados population. • 4,100 lane miles, 912 bridges, 10,000 culverts, and over 2.5 million feet of guardrail. • Plows nearly one million miles of snow a year • In the Ten-Year Plan, $582 million is identified for region 1 projects for FY 22-26