Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2022

The Colorado Public Works Journal - Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Editor REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think. Events back to back, trade shows, golf tournaments, award galas, you name it, CPWJ have been there. Businesses are flourishing and employment is on the rise for those seeking well paid rewarding careers in the construction industry. Our Careers in Construction feature last issue, is now in circulation across the state from schools, to career fairs and at college campus’s to whet the appetite of students who want to dive into our industry, but do not know how or where to start. Transportation and Construction GIRL Day hosted over a 1,000 attendees this year, 600 of which were high school girls. At the CPWJ booth we were able to capture their faces as a construction worker for fun – see photo below. Talking to the many girls that came by we learnt that their dream jobs were; Nail Artist, Cosmetologist, Pilot, Welder, Photographer, Lawyer, but my personal favorites were “Fiore & Sons” and “Mortenson” How impactful is that? Would these girls even know of these companies and what they did, had they not attended the event? I think not. Someone from outside our industry who was observing the entire event said: When I graduated in 2016 from Dakota Ridge High School at 17 years old, I thought that going to a traditional 4-year college to study business or medicine was my only choice as that’s what many of my friends were doing. After graduation and the pressure of making a decision, I reluctantly agreed to attend Colorado State University, even though I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to study, or what I wanted to do for a career. I had no idea how many other options there were in other industries. Transportation and Construction Girl was an eye-opening experience for me even six-years later, at just how many jobs there are in different industries for high school graduates that want hands on work. As I explored different booths at the event, many of them sparked my interest. From electrical wiring and landscaping, to building bridges and automotive paint detailing, I was able to learn a lot more about the transportation and construction world, and how many opportunities there are for growth and development in many different careers. I am so glad that this event is held each year and that so many kids at different schools around Colorado are able to experience the fun energetic atmosphere of the event while also being exposed to so many new ideas as to how they can change the world. There are so many options for fulfilling careers and I wish I had a chance to attend an event like this when I was in high school - truly inspiring. — Olivia We are now working on Advertising Contracts for 2023. If you would like your business to benefit from the exposure in this publication here in your hands and our on line version, just let me know. As we move into the holiday season it seems timely to say that we at Colorado Public Works Journal are grateful for all your support and we appreciate you and all that you do for the industry in Colorado. Happy Holidays! Apology: To Stacia Sellers at CDOT for the incorrect title to her column in our Fall issue. It should have been titled “Central 70 Update”.