Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2022

800-646-6636 @honnenequipment WELL-EQUIPPED FOR YOUR ROAD BUILDING SUCCESS MILLING MACHINES DESIGNED FOR TOP PERFORMANCE The demands on our roads are constantly on the rise. Wirtgen’s innovative and modern milling technology plays an important part in ensuring cost-e cient rehabilitation of roads without burdening the environment. TOP-CLASS PAVERS: FOR ALL APPLICATIONS O ering ve paver classes from mini to highway class maximizes clarity, giving you the assurance you need to perfectly meet all challenges in road construction with the optimum paver. ECONOMICAL AND EFFECTIVE COMPACTORS The compactor’s job is to produce a high-load bearing capacity. Hamm compactors achieve this through maximum productivity and quality, combined with low consumption and comfortable operation. MACHINE INSPECTION & REBUILD PROGRAM Now is the perfect opportunity to get your Wirtgen Group equipment ready for the upcoming season and help prevent downtime. 10%OFF PARTS ORDERS* DURING AN INSPECTION *10% o parts orders valid only for qualifying inspections. Hamm products require a minimum spend of $1,500 in parts and Wirtgen, Vogele, and Kleemann products require a minimum spend of $15,000 in parts to qualify. The program runs October 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023. 10 /The Road Ahead