Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2022

Fall 2022 7 WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM DRO has paused all flights during construction, including cargo, aerial firefighting, emergency medical and military flights. Director of Aviation Tony Vicari said airport runway maintenance generally happens once every 10 years. The total milled surface area was approximately 182,000 square yards. Western Milling of Grand Junction performed the milling using two milling machines and three crews. A total station survey guided system was used for precision milling to ensure a 3” asphalt surface course. Two paving crews from Four Corners Materials and APC Southern Construction Company paved 24 hours per day for 5 days to complete the runway portion of the project. The crews worked in succession of each other, each pulling one 15’ wide by 9200 feet long pass per shift. Approximately 5600 tons per day were placed between the two crews for a total of 28,000 tons in five days. After completion of the runway, the two crews worked in unison to complete the 7 connectors in a 3- day period. Survey personnel from United Companies provided GPS mm paver support to ensure the proper thickness and grade. A 300 ton per hour mobile asphalt plant was erected on-site. The plant ran 24 hours per day for the 5 days of runway paving. HF Sinclair provided 10 loads per day for 5 days of 70-28+ asphalt cement to keep up with the demand. The project also included mill and paving of a portion of the Commercial Apron which was also completed during the 10- day shutdown using a third paving crew. A complete re-construct of two portions of the main taxiway was also performed prior to and after the shutdown. A total of 38,000 tons of asphalt were placed on the project. This project took months of pre-planning to coordinate all the necessary crews and sub-contractors. Three milling crews, three mill support crews, three crack seal crews, three paving crews, two joint trim crews, two asphalt plant crews, four survey crews, two QC crews, 40+ trucks and drivers, electrical crews and striping crews. The project Engineer and QA were well staffed to keep up with the demand of the project. Key members of the team included: • Durango Airport Management • Dibble Engineering • SEH Inc. • Terracon • Four Corners Materials • APC Southern • United Companies Special thanks to Paul Appel, Jim MacDonald and their teams as well as Tyler Brown, Staff Writer, and Jerry McBride of the Durango Herald for the information contained in this article. "This runway has not been significantly rehabbed in over 15 years:' he said Thursday. "The asphalt sections on runways are heavily engineered to be able to withstand a lot of landed weight” The only potential for delay in the project would be if weather forces a work stoppage or if there is an equipment malfunction. DRO and Four Corners Materials have also built redundancy into the project, including an on-site asphalt plant so potential obstacles that emerge do not jeopardize the timeline. “Very fun to work on an impactful project and have a really good team between airport staff, our contractor and then our primary engineering group,”; said Airport Director of Aviation Tony Vicari. Airport Director of Aviation Tony Vicari