Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall 2022

Fall 2022 11 The Marshall Fire of December 30, 2021 had serious impacts on Superior's water treatment system. Because of depressurization of the distribution network caused by fire-fighting efforts, CDPHE imposed a boil order on Superior. Once the Town's water treatment plant resumed normal operations and the entire distribution network was flushed and tested, CDPHE lifted the boil order. However, the Town began receiving complaints about smoky smelling and tasting water. Town staff traced this issue to ash deposited in and around the Town's 400 acre-ft. raw water storage reservoir. The Town contracted with a firm to remove ash from the banks around the reservoir. This will prevent the ash deposited on the banks from mixing into the reservoir. This work was completed in early April, but complaints about smoky taste and odor persisted. In early March, the Town's consultants and contractors identified installation of a granular activated carbon (GAC) system as the best method of removing ash from the water supply. After investigating similar systems on the market staff recommended installation of the Evoqua Water Technologies rental GAC system that includes six, 10ft. diameter steel vessels. The Superior Town Board approved this method and authorized funds for the implementation on April 4, 2022. The Town retained Dewberry Consulting Engineers for design of modifications to the water treatment plant to accommodate the GAC system. Garney Construction was brought on board to prepare the site and install the piping and electrical components needed to run the system. The six tanks arrived in early June and the piping work completed on June 30. The carbon was pumped in soon after and the GAC system was brought on-line on July 15, 2022. The Marshall Fire deposited significant amounts of fire-related debris into and around the Superior's Terminal source water reservoir. As a result, a smoky taste and odor was imparted on Superior’s drinking water. In four months Superior planned, designed, procured and installed a Granular Activated Carbon System which eliminated taste and odor issues with its drinking water supply. Town of Superior Granular Activated Carbon System TOWN OF SUPERIOR PROJECT OF THE YEAR