Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2022

CAPA NEWS & VIEWS Question: What is the Golden Rule in roadway construction? Answer: Every agency, consultant, and contractor that cares about their reputation and commitment to quality wants their project completed on time, within budget and within specifications. Adhering to and implementing long well-established best practices developed within the Industry for Agency/Owners and Contractors is the key to achieving that Golden Rule. Best practices are defined as methods or techniques that are generally accepted as being correct or most effective to produce optimal results and suitable for widespread adoption. These practices can range from a single process for completing a task, developing a policy, or implementing an entire system. Individual best practices may not always be the same for each project, but in general, everyday practices completed in a quality manner will lead to overall success. Technology, construction methods, procurement and project management continue to change, as a result, Industry best practices continue to evolve and update. An example of best practices for Agency/Owners to ensure ‘Best Value’ and maximize their investment in asphalt pavement projects include; • Getting the work out early • Maximize flexibility in start/end times • Maximize available work hours • Uniformity and consistency in material requirements • Utilize recycled products • Accurate Engineer’s Estimate and prompt payment Mike Skinner The author, Mike Skinner is the Director of Pavement Engineering for the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association. He can be reached at There are several statewide associations that are invaluable resources to the Industry and Agency/Owners that provide technical resources and best practices. Reach out to them for support to help make your project a success. • Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association • American Public Works Association Colorado Chapter • Colorado Association of Roadway Supervisors and Engineers • Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority • Metropolitan Government Pavement Engineers Council CAPA is here as a technical resource, we’re here to help you make your project successful. Best Practices for Agencies and Industry Summer 2022 | 57