Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2022

CSSGA UPDATE To Zoom or not to Zoom. That is a question! Hello CSSGA membership. I hope everyone is off to a great summer. Before I get into CSSGA events, but how about the Colorado Avalanche???!!!!!!!! Not sure if you are all hockey fans, but at the Ohlheiser residence, it was the best of times! Several months of gut-wrenching games, with an outcome of hoisting the Stanley Cup. This means right in here, in Denver, we have the reigning National Champion of high school hockey, National Champion of college hockey AND the Stanley Cup Champions! A rare accomplishment indeed. It is a great time of year in Colorado!!! Hope you are enjoying it. We are going through some staffing changes at the association. Annelise Shepherd has chosen to depart CSSGA and CRMCA to take some time off with her family, while pursuing future endeavors in expanding her career. Fortunately, she was able to help with the transition and remained with us through June 30. It is no secret that she has been a huge part of the success both CSSGA and CRMCA have enjoyed. On that note, I am very pleased to announce the Emma Dolan will be expanding her roles within the 2 associations. In her promotion and new role as CRMCA and CSSGA Communications and Administrative Manager, she will assume many of the roles Annelise was responsible for. We are currently backfilling Emma’s role with a new employee to split duties and time between the CRMCA and ACPA. We wish Annelise and Emma the best with these changes. Todd R. Ohlheiser Here are updates for this month’s blog: Governmental Affairs • Legislative Review and Primary Election Recap: CSSGA Lobbyist, Totsy Rees, provides an update of the 2022 Legislative Session and the Primary Election Recap which can be found on the website. • ROCK PAC Contributions: Also, as this is an election year, we must be active regarding the candidates and the upcoming elections. To do so, I urge all CSSGA members to contribute to the ROCK PAC that we have established. Companies and individuals can contribute up the $550 towards the PAC, which enables us to support candidates that support our industry. CSSGA members are also encouraged to be part of the process by helping us decided on which candidates to support, and even personally deliver checks. Safety • Many of our associate members operate within OSHA guidelines and this agency has launched a National Emphasis Program on Outdoor and Indoor Heat-Related Hazards. The website has additional information. Much of this is modeled after CAL OSHA’s program. Past Events • CSSGA and CRMCA members enjoyed a great Networking Event in the West Slope in early July. For the first time, we hosted a river raft trip. Well, OK, more of a river float than a rafting trip, but fun, nonetheless. Afterwards, members enjoyed a BBQ dinner on the riverbank. Thanks to all those that participated and especially to Vince Hagan for their generous sponsorship. Future Events: As I write this, we are looking forward to the Summer Conference in Steamboat on July 21-22. Details, sponsorship, and registration are again, on our website. The Annual Conference will take place December 6–7 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Look for details and registration this fall. Thanks, and I hope you’re enjoying your summer. Todd R. Ohlheiser is Executive Director for Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association and the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association. He can be reached at 56| ColoradoPublic Works Journal