Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2022

The Colorado Public Works Journal Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Editor PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L his month I was invited to join Transportation & Construction GIRLS Career week. This was the second week (the first was in June) geared towards middle and high school girls, giving them the opportunity to learn from different companies that make up the transportation and construction industry. That is where I met Thalia Garman, who is a junior at Lakewood High School. Here is how our conversation went: How did you hear about T&CGIRL and their careers week? My Dad had been sent an email from my school in the form of a newlsteer and suggested I attend. What were you expecting from this week? I had thought we would be on construction sites all day, learning how to operate machines, doing demos and organizing permits. I am glad it was not. We learned so much more, in the office and on site. The amount of opportunities that are available and different career fields are endless. Will you be telling your friends about this experience? I would definitely recommend it to my friends as there was a lot of information about jobs that I did not know even existed. It’s insane that people my age can go into this industry and make a change. I am personally interested in the civil industry and when I saw that Fiore & Sons were one of the companies hosting I was intrigued to be there in person. There would be nothing to be gained by doing something like this virtually. To see the passion that the presenters had about their work was inspiring. The two weeks were made up with visits to: Encore Electric, Fiore & Sons, Kiewit, Kodiak Building Partners, Holcim, Martin Marietta, OE Construction, RTD, Trimble and Wilson & Company which made for a varied insight of some of the leading companies in the industry and what types of careers are available with them. What has this week given you to take back to school with you? It has shown me that there is a lot more truly open to me and if I want to be involved I have the opportunity to do that. Also, that I can constantly grow inside the companies. I plan to go to the School of Mines to study : environmental engineering ,minoring in aerospace. If I can get an internship at a company that would be ideal. I think shadowing someone would be helpful. Continuing to learn is the most valuable thing you can do. So there you have it, one very bright young lady who knows what she wants and thanks to T&C GIRL she now knows how to go about it. Our next issue will feature a section dedicated to the careers within the infrastructure industry, for both men and women. We will highlight not only the roles, but also, what qualifications are needed, if you can train while on the job, what salaries to expect and what education is required. We will also have a section covering the training that is available within our community, much of which is free, or at a low cost. As so many companies in our industry are looking for staff we feel this will be a valuable tool to hand out to those you know whoare looking for a rewarding career with prospects for the right candidate, working with the great people that make up the infrastructure industry. If you have a job opportunity, a training program, or can consult on the topics please reach out to me as I would love to include you. Please share it in our next issue and let’s show the next generation what a great career the construction world can be. We believe that the issue will have a huge pass along factor well into 2023. T REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think. CPWJ Summer 2022 | 3