Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2022

4 | REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.WESTERNSNOWANDICE.COM Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate Workshop Thursday, 9/29 & Friday, 9/30 The APWA Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate Workshop provides a well-rounded overview of all aspects of snow and ice control for individuals charged with supervising their winter maintenance operations. This course examines all the aspects of winter maintenance management, including a winter maintenance plan, deciphering winter weather patterns, determining the proper material and equipment to use, examining different snow and ice control techniques, and dealing with unusual winter situations. The workshop will also consist of testing throughout the day. Attendees receive a certificate of completion upon receiving a score of 80 percent or above. The Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certificate Workshop is a fantastic training opportunity for new Supervisors, Senior Operators, or anyone wanting a good overall understanding of winter maintenance operations Please note: pre-registration is required for this workshop, and there is an additional $25 fee added to the conference registration cost for those who participate. SPONSORED BY Featured Speakers: Daniel Schacher, Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities and Mike Coffey, EnviroTech Services, Inc., Presenting “Turning the Page: Adapting to Varied Leadership Roles Throughout Our Careers” Friday, 9/30 - 12:00 PM Adapting to new challenges, responsibilities, and authority are keys to successfully navigating one’s career. During our careers, we must learn from those who came before us, and then pass on our wisdom to the next generation. This presentation will focus on two long-time public works professionals that have greatly impacted one another’s careers. Learn how a now-retired Baby Boomer and a Generation X leader supported, collaborated, mentored, and then reverse-mentored each other to help grow their influence in the public works field. As Fairbanks District Maintenance and Operations Superintendent, Dan Schacher oversees highway maintenance crews responsible for more than 2,000 lane miles, 81 traffic signals and two rural airports. His team keeps Alaska moving safely around Fairbanks, the northern Parks Highway, the Elliott and Richardson Highways, and the Steese Highway. Learn more at the hashtag #AlaskansServingAlaskans. Michael Coffey retired from the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOTPF) in 2017 after nearly 37 years. During his time with the ADOTPF he served in several different leadership roles. After his retirement from the State of Alaska, Mike joined Envirotech Services Inc as a technical expert, where he currently serves as a technical resource helping clients, agencies, etc. to improve their operations. He works with them to solve problems, offers training opportunities and serves as customer support. Conference Highlights RHOMAR 7