Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring/Summer 2022

Parting Shots ' * 60K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< ACEC of Colorado Annual Conference #O7JJ -;=;D9O KHEH7 FH?B J> J> Joshua Dickerson PE for Martin/Martin receives the Young Professional of the Year Award here with his proud wife, Cynthia. Dixie L Shear, PE from the Transportation & Engineering Division of Jefferson County receives the coveted General Palmer Award. Amanda Casteel of Ware Malcomb and Karen Berdoulay of CDOT enjoy the networking. Melissa Diaz Garcia from Colorado School of Mines and Cecilia Knight from the University of Colorado, both receive scholarships. David Hartmann of Armstrong Consultants talks to Suzanne Hagen and Liz Barron of Proforma Imagery, one of the many exhibitors booth on display. Bill Green passes the gavel to Gray Clark as the new president of ACEC Colorado. Rick Black of SLR International and Sarah Zarzecki of Stanley Consultants enjoy libations.