Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring/Summer 2022

58K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< Parting Shots ' * Women of Asphalt Events The Women of Asphalt Colorado mixer for April was a talk with Cal Beyer on Mental Health. Thanks to Holmes Murphy for hosting the event at their Greenwood Village Offices. Attending the ColoradoTraining Academy Class number 2 in March were : LtoR Tara Ritenour, Joleigh Doudy, Diana Prado-Garzon, Tammy Buck, Jo Taylor, Rocio Estrada, Stacy DeWitt, Nicki Upright, Shelly McCarron, Cindy Rutkoski, Caitlyn Smith, Caitlin Kaltenbaugh, Faith Maronn and Rhonda Hood. Cindy Rutkoski teaching in one of the labs at CAPA. 7 Branches (of 12) of Women of Asphalt represented at the luncheon at World of Asphalt. $D EBEH7:E 7D: )7I>L?BB; :KH?D= (7H9> 7D: FH?B