Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring/Summer 2022

*@B9>7 *E==5B K 47 C O L O R A D O Join our 3rd Training Academy Class on Saturday 18th June 2022 from 9am to 1pm Lunch is included. There is no charge to attend, but you must register. The Colorado Branch is accepting new members, to join us email .5 1B5 C55;9>7 C@?>C?BC 6?B ?EB 5F5>DC 9> C I?EB 3?=@1>I 9>D5B5CD54 $1;5 3?>D13D G9D8 ?>5 ?6 D85 B5@B5C5>D1D9F5C 25<?G Find out more on the national website at or reach out to one of the local Colorado representatives: )?9A? 0FH?=>J )EHJ> EBEH7:E .>7HED H7DIJED .>7DAI 2;IJ;HD .BEF; /7CCO K9A ;DL;H (;JHE H;7 %E /7OBEH ;DL;H (;JHE H;7 )7J7B?; 0BL;D .EKJ> EBEH7:E PERMANENT PAVEMENT REPAIR MATERIAL Todd Mellema 303-935-2485 ALL WEATHER SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE IN BAGS & BULK