Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring/Summer 2022

DEBRA A. JOHNSON General Manager and CEO –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“Public transportation is the great societal equalizer. Access is what allows opportunity.” Key Projects in Progress Q Northwest Rail Study: *D=E?D= IJK:O E< J>; <;7I?8?B?JO E< ?CFB;C;DJ?D= 7 WF;7A I;HL?9;X H7?B I9>;:KB; 8;JM;;D ;DL;H 0D?ED .J7J?ED 7D: :EMDJEMD 'ED=CEDJ Q Fare Study and Equity Analysis: NFBEH?D= 7D: ;L7BK7J?D= -/ YI <7H; IJHK9JKH; 7D: F7II FHE=H7CI M?J> H;IF;9J JE ;GK?JO 7<<EH:78?B?JO 7D: I?CFB?9?JO M?J> FEJ;DJ?7B 9>7D=;I 8;?D= 9EDI?:;H;: D;NJ O;7H Q Denver Union Station Facility Enhancements: 9J?L?J?;I KD:;HJ7A;D JE ?CFHEL; KDM;B9EC; 9ED:?J?EDI 7J J>; ;DL;H 0D?ED .J7J?ED 8KI 9ED9EKHI; 651DEB5 2I *51> &P"5565 *@B9>7 *E==5B K 23