Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring/Summer 2022

14K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< 2I +1=1B1 $??> Firestone: Big Water Plans, Small Community =175C M +?G> ?6 9B5CD?>5 Over the last few years, the idea of water resiliency for Front Range communities has become a louder and more serious discussion. With growing concerns about compact calls on the Colorado River, and Nebraska’s big plans for a water supply diversion off the South Platte River, the reality of Colorado’s water supply is no longer just news for water planners, but rather has become booming headlines on the local news, in newspapers and social media. /;D O;7HI 7=E J>; EBEH7:E 27J;H EDI;HL7J?ED E7H: 2 FK8B?I>;: J>; EBEH7:E .J7J; 27J;H +B7D 7 =K?:?D= :E9KC;DJ J>7J MEKB: >;BF 9ECCKD?J?;I 7D: M7J;H FHEL?:;HI IJ7J;M?:; 8;=?D J>?DA?D= 78EKJ H;I?B?;D9O /E:7O J>; 2 ?I FH;F7H?D= JE FK8B?I> 7 H;L?I;: 27J;H +B7D 7D: 7H; B7KD9>?D= J>; ;<<EHJ M?J> J>;?H 27J;H Y 97CF7?=D M>?9> ?I 7BB 78EKJ IKIJ7?D78B; M7J;H IKFFBO <EH 7BB E< EBEH7:EYI 9ECCKD?J?;I ?D J>; <KJKH; />; /EMD E< !?H;IJED; ?I ED; !HEDJ -7D=; 9ECCKD?JO J>7J ?I J7A?D= J>; ?:;7 E< IKIJ7?D78B; M7J;H IKFFBO FB7DD?D= 9EC8?D;: M?J> H;IFEDI?8B; :;L;BEFC;DJ JE J>; <EH;<HEDJ E< J>;?H 9ECCKD?JO FEB?9?;I *D; E< J>; <7IJ;IJ =HEM?D= 9?J?;I ?D EBEH7:E !?H;IJED; FH?:;I ?JI;B< ED 8;?D= 7 =H;7J FB79; JE B?L; 7D: J>;?H 27J;H 9J?ED +B7D ?I J>; 9EHD;HIJED; E< J>;?H <KJKH; =HEMJ> 7D: J>; :;L;BEFC;DJ E< 7 H;=?ED7B M7J;H 7KJ>EH?JO J>7J M?BB FHEL?:; 7 H;I?B?;DJ IKFFBO E< M7J;H JE !?H;IJED; 7D: D;?=>8EH?D= 9ECCKD?J?;I Planning for the Future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