Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring/Summer 2022

PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L ACPA: Award Winners 2022 FEATURE: Firestone, Small Town, Big Plans FEATURE: National Workzone Awareness COLUMNS: Association News PS: Out & About in Colorado SPRING-SUMMER 2022 : Vol.18, No.3 - $4.95

+85 ?<?B14? 'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< %E /7OBEH (7D7=?D= :?JEH Editor PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L > $1B38 7?D D? 7? D? 1> 5F5>D ?ED ?6 ?<?B14? > %1C8F9<<5 9> 613D 1>4 I5C +85 .?B<4 ?6 C@81<D 494 >?D 49C1@@?9>D D G1C 5F5BID89>7 D81D @5?@<5 C194 9D G?E<4 25 1>4 =?B5 .81D 1> 1=1J9>7 5H@5B95>35 9D G1C >?D ?><I D? F9C9D =1>I ?6 D85 @<EC 3?=@1>95C G8? G5B5 5H8929D9>7 G1<; 1> 1F5B175 ?6 CD5@C 1 41I 13B?CC D85 CAE1B5 6??D ?6 5H8929D C@135 =1;5 >5G 3?>>53D9?>C G9D8 @5?@<5 13B?CC D85 3?E>DBI 2ED D? 1<C? G9D>5CC D85 1C@81<D =1389>5 1>4 5AE9@=5>D @B?65CC9?>1<C 75DD9>7 D?75D85B 1719> 4?9>7 G81D D85I 4? 25CD .9D8 45=?>CDB1D9?>C 6B?= CD53 *51<$1CD5B 1D5B@9<<5B I>1@13 &$ )?14G945>5B -&#-& 1>4 ?BD9 9 D? >1=5 1 65G 9D 9C 3<51B D81D ?EB 9>4ECDBI 9C G?B;9>7 81B4 D? 79F5 EC D85 25CD @B?4E3DC C5BF935C 1>4 C?<ED9?>C D? 4? ?EB :?2C D G1C 1<C? 1 DB5=5>4?EC ?@@?BDE>9DI 6?B D8?C5 DBI9>7 D? 7B?G D859B 2EC9>5CC5C D8B?E78 >5DG?B;9>7 69>4 >5G CD166 ?B D1;5 D859B 31B55B 9> 1 >5G 49B53D9?> +81>; I?E D? D85 2?1B4 1D .?=5> ?6 C@81<D ?<?B14? 6?B 1<<?G9>7 =5 D85 ?@@?BDE>9DI D? 1DD5>4 1>4 D? =55D ?EB 3?E>D5B@1BDC 6B?= 13B?CC D85 3?E>DBI D DBE<I G1C 1> 1=1J9>7 5H@5B95>35 81F5 1<B514I =1B;54 =I 31<5>41B 6?B &D85B 5F5>DC D89C =?>D8 D??; =5 ?ED D? D85 ?>3B5D5 '1F5=5>D .?B;C8?@ 8?CD54 2I D85 & ./ 81@D5B ?6 ' /?E 31> C55 D85 @B?:53DC D81D G?> D89C I51BC H35<<5>35 9> ?>3B5D5 '1F5=5>D G1B4C ?> @175C 1>4 G1C @<51C54 D? C55 <?DC ?6 >5G 6135C 1D D85 )$ 1>4 ** C@B9>7 >5DG?B;9>7 5F5>D 1D 35 1D 1>4 *5BF5 +85 85<4 D859B 69BCD 1>>E1< 3?>65B5>35 9> DG? I51BC 1>4 814 C?=5 7B51D D8?E78D @B?F?;9>7 C@51;5BC 3?F5B9>7 D?@93C CE38 1C 9F5BC5 AE9D12<5 >3<EC9F5 #5145BC89@ $1;9>7 I?EB $5CC175 $5=?B12<5 1>4 ?G D? DDB13D )53BE9D 1>4 )5D19> '5?@<5 ?>3B5D5 1I 1D D85 1@9D?< B5DEB>54 16D5B D85 5>6?B354 ?F94 891DEC C5BF9>7 <579C<1D9F5 CD166 G9D8 3?=@<9=5>D1BI ( <E>38 *55 G8? G1C 1D D85C5 5F5>DC ?> @175C 1>4 96 I?E 81F5 1> 9>D5B5CD 9> 1DD5>49>7 9> B5138 ?ED D? D85 8?CD 1CC?391D9?> <D5B>1D9F5<I <5D =5 ;>?G 1>4 G9<< 25 81@@I D? =1;5 D85 9>DB?4E3D9?>C C 1<G1IC G5 G5<3?=5 I?EB 6554213; ?> 1>I 9CCE5 ?6 ?<?B14? 'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< 6 I?E 81F5 >5GC D? C81B5 12?ED I?EBC5<6 ?B I?EB 2EC9>5CC G5 G?E<4 <?F5 D? 851B 9D #9;5G9C5 96 I?E 81F5 3?>D5>D CE775CD9?>C ?> G81D I?E G?E<4 <9;5 D? B514 12?ED @B?:53DC >5G D538>?<?795C DB19>9>7 I?E >1=5 9D 96 9DPC 9>6B1CDBE3DEB5 B5<1D54 G5 G?E<4 25 81@@I 45<F5 9>D? D85 D?@93 6?B I?E C? D81D G5 31> C81B5 D85 <51B>9>7 @B?35CC I ) $ $ ) D81D ?<?B14? 'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< 31> >?G 25 B514 ?><9>5 ?> I?EB @8?>5 D12<5D ?B ?D85B =?29<5 45F935 '<51C5 7? D85B5 D1;5 1 <??; 1>4 <5D EC ;>?G G81D I?E D89>; ?<?B14?@E2<93G?B;C:?EB>1< 3?= *@B9>7 *E==5B K 3 CPWJ

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EQUIPMENT & SERVICE SINCE 1912 A LEGACY FOR QUALITY 1-800-332-2124 5335 Franklin Street Denver, Colorado 80216 303-295-2885 Fax: 303-296-8049 932 D Street Greeley, Colorado 80631 970-353-4918 Fax: 970-351-7138

14K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< 2I +1=1B1 $??> Firestone: Big Water Plans, Small Community =175C M +?G> ?6 9B5CD?>5 Over the last few years, the idea of water resiliency for Front Range communities has become a louder and more serious discussion. With growing concerns about compact calls on the Colorado River, and Nebraska’s big plans for a water supply diversion off the South Platte River, the reality of Colorado’s water supply is no longer just news for water planners, but rather has become booming headlines on the local news, in newspapers and social media. /;D O;7HI 7=E J>; EBEH7:E 27J;H EDI;HL7J?ED E7H: 2 FK8B?I>;: J>; EBEH7:E .J7J; 27J;H +B7D 7 =K?:?D= :E9KC;DJ J>7J MEKB: >;BF 9ECCKD?J?;I 7D: M7J;H FHEL?:;HI IJ7J;M?:; 8;=?D J>?DA?D= 78EKJ H;I?B?;D9O /E:7O J>; 2 ?I FH;F7H?D= JE FK8B?I> 7 H;L?I;: 27J;H +B7D 7D: 7H; B7KD9>?D= J>; ;<<EHJ M?J> J>;?H 27J;H Y 97CF7?=D M>?9> ?I 7BB 78EKJ IKIJ7?D78B; M7J;H IKFFBO <EH 7BB E< EBEH7:EYI 9ECCKD?J?;I ?D J>; <KJKH; />; /EMD E< !?H;IJED; ?I ED; !HEDJ -7D=; 9ECCKD?JO J>7J ?I J7A?D= J>; ?:;7 E< IKIJ7?D78B; M7J;H IKFFBO FB7DD?D= 9EC8?D;: M?J> H;IFEDI?8B; :;L;BEFC;DJ JE J>; <EH;<HEDJ E< J>;?H 9ECCKD?JO FEB?9?;I *D; E< J>; <7IJ;IJ =HEM?D= 9?J?;I ?D EBEH7:E !?H;IJED; FH?:;I ?JI;B< ED 8;?D= 7 =H;7J FB79; JE B?L; 7D: J>;?H 27J;H 9J?ED +B7D ?I J>; 9EHD;HIJED; E< J>;?H <KJKH; =HEMJ> 7D: J>; :;L;BEFC;DJ E< 7 H;=?ED7B M7J;H 7KJ>EH?JO J>7J M?BB FHEL?:; 7 H;I?B?;DJ IKFFBO E< M7J;H JE !?H;IJED; 7D: D;?=>8EH?D= 9ECCKD?J?;I Planning for the Future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16K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< Firestone: Big Water Plans, Small Community CEIJ -* FB7DJ KJ?B?P; 8KJ ?J 9EC;I M?J> CEH; IJ;FI J>7J 97D IBEM :EMD :;I?=D 7D: 9EDIJHK9J?ED !?H;IJED; IK8C?JJ;: J>;?H 7FFB?97J?ED <EH 7D ?D@;9J?ED M;BB F;HC?J JE J>; + ?D 7D: J>; F;HC?J M7I 7FFHEL;: ?D @KIJ ?D J?C; <EH 9EDIJHK9J?ED E< J>; <79?B?JO JE 8;=?D "HEKD: 8HEA; <EH J>; .J 1H7?D 27J;H /H;7JC;DJ !79?B?JO ?D B7J; />; FB7DJ J>7J ?I 8;?D= 9EDIJHK9J;: JE:7O >7I 7D ?D?J?7B JH;7JC;DJ 97F79?JO E< C?BB?ED =7BBEDI F;H :7O (" M?J> (" :;:? 97J;: JE !?H;IJED; 7D: J>; H;IJ <EH J>;?H F7HJD;H J>; '?JJB; />ECFIED 27J;H ?IJH?9J />?I ?I ;DEK=> JE IKFFEHJ J>; 9ECCKD?JO JE:7O 7D: <EH 7 DKC8;H E< O;7HI ?D J>; <KJKH; $D EH:;H JE C;;J <KJKH; =HEMJ> J>; FB7DJ 97D 8; ;NF7D:;: JE (" 7D: J>; I?J; ?I B7H=; ;DEK=> JE 799ECCE:7J; 7 I;9ED: (" JH;7JC;DJ FB7DJ />; .J 1H7?D 27J;H KJ>EH?JO M7I ;IJ78B?I>;: EKJ E< J>; F7HJD;HI>?F 8;JM;;D !?H;IJED; 7D: '?JJB; />ECFIED 27J;H ?IJH?9J />; M7J;H 7KJ>EH?JO EMDI 7D: EF;H7J;I J>; FB7DJ *F;H7J?EDI E< J>; FB7DJ >7L; 8;;D 9EDJH79J;: JE -7C;O DL?HEDC;DJ7B $D9 M>E EF;H7J; 7 DKC8;H E< EJ>;H IC7BB M7J;H 7D: M7IJ;M7J;H JH;7JC;DJ FB7DJI ?D J>; 7H;7 Responsible Growth “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” />EI; M;H; J>; MEH:I E< % &H?;=;H !?H;IJED;YI /EMD (7D7=;H />?I C7O I;;C I>E9A?D= 7J J>; EDI;J 8KJ J>;H;YI 7 BEJ E< JHKJ> JE J>?I IJ7J;C;DJ ?D J>; !HEDJ -7D=; ECCKD?J?;I J>7J <7?B JE =HEM 7H; 9EDIKC;: 8O J>;?H D;?=>8EHI EH IK<<;H <HEC C?D?C7B J7N H;L;DK;I J>7J B?C?J I;HL?9;I !EH !?H;IJED; J>;H; M7I 7D ?CC?D;DJ FEII?8?B?JO J>7J J>;O MEKB: 8;9EC; ED; E< J>EI; BEIJ 9ECCKD?J?;I ?< H;B?7D9; ED / M7J;H 9EDJ?DK;: 2?J> B?C?J;: IKFFB?;I 7D: >?=> F;H KD?J 9EIJI !?H;IJED; 9EKB:DYJ 7<<EH: JE IKFFEHJ J>;?H =HEMJ> FB7DI M?J> J>;?H 9KHH;DJ IKFFBO E< / M7J;H />; EJ>;H I?:; E< =HEM?D= M?J> M>7J J>;O 7BH;7:O >7: M7I J>7J !?H;IJED; M7I H;BO?D= ED M7J;H IKFFBO <HEC J>H;; :?<<;H;DJ FHEL?:;HI ;79> M?J> J>;?H EMD :HEK=>J FB7DI M7J;H H;IJH?9J?EDI 7D: 9EIJ IJHK9JKH;I C7A?D= ?J 9>7BB;D=?D= JE C;II7=; JE H;I?:;DJI +H?EH JE :;I?=D +BKCC;H 7D: '- :?: ;NJ;DI?L; M7J;H GK7B?JO CED?JEH?D= ED J>; 7DJ?9?F7J;: IKFFBO JE 7II;II J>; <;7I?8?B?JO E< J>; JH;7JC;DJ FHE9;II;I ?D 9EDI?:;H7J?ED 2?J> IEKH9; M7J;HI >?=> ?D JEJ7B :?IIEBL;: IEB?:I / . 8HEC?:; 7D: BEM D?JH7J;I H;L;HI; EICEI?I -* FB7DJ M?J> C;C8H7D; ZBJH7J?ED 7I J>; 8;IJ IEBKJ?ED <EH J>; =?L;D M7J;H IKFFBO *D; E< J>; KD?GK; <;7JKH;I E< J>; JH;7JC;DJ IOIJ;C KI;: ?D J>; .J 1H7?D M7J;H JH;7JC;DJ FB7DJ ?I J>7J M7J;H GK7B?JO :H?L;I J>; FHE9;II />; -* 7D: ZBJH7J?ED IOIJ;CI 97D 8; EF;H7J;: ?D:;F;D:;DJBO E< ED; 7DEJ>;H EH JE=;J>;H :;F;D:?D= ED J>; GK7B?JO E< J>; M7J;H IEKH9; 2>?B; -;L;HI; *ICEI?I ?I J>; ?:;7B JH;7JC;DJ FHE9;II <EH !?H;IJED; 7D: J>; .J 1H7?D JH;7JC;DJ FB7DJ ?J >7I ?JI EMD 9>7BB;D=;I H?D; H;I?:K7BI 9H;7J;: ?D J>; JH;7JC;DJ FHE9;II CKIJ 8; FHEF;HBO :?IFEI;: E< 7D: J>;H; 7H; B?C?J;: <79?B?J?;I J>7J M?BB 799;FJ -* 8H?D; />; EJ>;H EFJ?ED <EH 8H?D; :?IFEI7B ?I JE ?D@;9J ?J :;;F ?DJE J>; =HEKD: 7BBEM?D= D7JKH; JE MEHA J>; FHE8B;C />?I ?I J>; FHE9;II J>7J

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18K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< GO ORANGE DAY "E *H7D=; 7O JEEA FB79; ?D ;DJ;DD?7B 7J J>; 7IIE9?7 J?EDI F7HA?D= BEJ M>;H; C;C8;HI <HEC EBEH7:E EDJH79JEHI I IE9?7J?ED EBEH7:E IF>7BJ +7L;C;DJ IIE9?7J?ED EBEH7:E ED9H;J; +7L;C;DJ IIE9?7J?ED EBEH7:E -;7:O (?N;: IIE9? 7J?ED 7D: EBEH7:E .JED; .7D: 7D: "H7L;B IIE9?7J?ED 7D: J>; IIE9?7J?ED E< /H7<<?9 .7<;JO =7J>;H;: JE H;?D<EH9; J>; ?CFEHJ7D9; E< MEHA PED; I7<;JO *L;H F;EFB; :EDD;: J>;?H I7<;JO L;IJI 7D: @79A;JI 7D: KD?J;: ?D 7 I;7 E< EH7D=; M>;H; J>;O >;7H: <HEC B;7:;HI <HEC + */ 7D: 'EL;B7D: 7HH?97:; ;IF?J; J>; 9>?BBO :7O C7DO IJ7O;: <EH J>; 9ECFB?C;DJ7HO BKD9> <HEC J>; <EE: JHK9AI J>7J M;H; ED I?J; 7D: C?D=B;: M?J> <H?;D:I 7D: 9E MEHA;HI C;CEH?7B FB7GK; B?IJ?D= J>; D7C;I E< J>EI; M; >7L; BEIJ ?D 7 MEHA PED; ?D9?:;DJ M7I KDL;?B;: 7D: M?BB DEM 8; ED F;HC7D;DJ :?IFB7O ?D J>; ;DJH7D9; >7BB E< J>; 7IIE9?7J?EDI E<<?9;I +B;7I; J7A; 7 CEC;DJ JE L?;M ED OEKH D;NJ L?I?J .>7MD .;L;H?D +H;I?:;DJ E< J>; -E9AO (EKDJ7?D /.. >7FJ;H 7D: J>; ";D;H7B (7D7=;H <EH 'EL;B7D: 7HH?97:; I7?: W$J M7I 7 H;M7H:?D= ;NF;H?;D9; JE 9ECC;CEH7J; )7J?ED7B 2EHA 5ED; M7H;D;II 2;;A M?J> J>; CKBJ?FB; 7IIE9?7J?EDI $J >?=>B?=>JI J>; ?CFEHJ7D9; <HEC J>; ;DJ?H; ?D:KIJHO 7I JE J>; ?D>;H ;DJ :7D=;HI J>7J M; 7BB <79; =E?D= JE MEHA ;L;HO :7O />; :7O <EH J>; -( /.. >7FJ;H M7I DEJ>?D= 8KJ FEI?J?L; ;IF;9?7BBO I?D9; J>; ?D?J?7B FB7DD?D= IJ7HJ;: E<< 7I J>; >7FJ;HI <?HIJ ?D F;HIED C;;J?D= I?D9; J>; F7D:;C?9 $J M7I =H;7J JE I;; ;L;HOED; ?D F;HIED 7D: EBEH7:E I>EKB: 8; ;NJH;C;BO FHEK: E< 7BB J>; B;7:;HI 7D: LEBKDJ;;HI M?J>?D J>; >;7LO >?=>M7O ?D :KIJHO H7D=?D= <HEC */ :EMD JE J>; IKFFB?;HI $ 8;B?;L; M; >7L; IEC; E< J>; 8;IJ F;EFB; ?D J>; ?D:KIJHO H?=>J >;H; ?D EKH =H;7J IJ7J;X />?I :7O I;HL;: 7I 7 =H;7J H;C?D:;H JE KI 7BB E< J>; ?CFEHJ7D9; JE IBEM :EMD ?D 7 MEHA PED; Work Zone Safety and Support Fund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

*@B9>7 *E==5B K 19 $D J>; 8;=?DD?D= M; >;B: 7D 25..! ED; 5ED; 7J J>; '7C7H .JH;;J .J7J?ED <EH J>; <?HIJ JME O;7HI />?I <KD:H7?I;H =7HD;H;: 2>?9> M7I 7 =H;7J IJ7HJ JE =;J J>; <KD: IJ7HJ;: "EB< JEKHD7C;DJI CKBB?=7DI 7D: :H?DA J?9A;J I7B;I <EBBEM;: 7I EJ>;H C;9>7 D?ICI KI;: <EH <KD: H7?I?D= !?L; O;7HI 7=E EBEH7:E 7HH?97:; IJ;FF;: ?D JE >EIJ 7 +EA;H 7D: EHD >EB; )?=>J />?I ?I 7 J?9A;J;: ;L;DJ M>;H; J>; C7@EH?JO E< J>; FHE9;;:I =E JEM7H:I J>; <KD: />7J <?HIJ O;7H EBEH7:E 7HH?97:; H7?I;: />?I O;7H EBEH7:E 7HH?97:; H7?I;: EBEH7:E 7HH?97:; >7L; 8HEK=>J JE=;J>;H J>; ?D:KIJHO ;79> O;7H >EIJ?D= J>?I ;L;DJ 7BBEM?D= F7HJ?9?F7DJI JE >7L; 7 <KD ;L;D?D= FB7O?D= =7C;I M>?B; =;D;H7J?D= <KD:I <EH J>?I MEHJ>O 97KI; 'EEA EKJ <EH ;L;DJI ?D :KH?D= .7<;JO 5ED; M7H;D;II 2;;A 7D: @E?D KI ?D I>EM?D= OEKH IKFFEHJ <EH MEHA PED; I7<;JO NE AWARENESS WEEK

20K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< SNOW! September 28 - 30 Embassy Suites |Loveland, CO SET. focus on the future READY. Calling All Snow Managers, Fleet Technicians & Operators. don’t miss The Snow & Ice Conference! Targeted Tracks and Speakers to Help You and Your Teams. Winter Maintenance Supervisor Certification Workshop. Operator Training Program. National Snow Roadeo Competition. Exhibitors With the Latest Technology and Equipment. The Annual Blades Up Social z z z z z z details at Registration opens in July.

Congratulations to our 2022 Excellence in Concrete Paving Award Winners Colorado/Wyoming Chapter American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) CO/WY Chapter - ACPA @COWYACPA I-80 Rock Springs East WBL US 287 & US 40 Passing Lanes CM/GC Lakeway Road Improvements – Gillette, WY I-70B 1st Street & Grand Avenue in Grand Junction Southwest Airlines Hangar Development – Denver International Airport Commercial Apron Expansion – Northern Colorado Regional Airport I-76 Wiggins WB Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Divided Highways Rural State Roads Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30K SY) Commercial Service & Military Airports Urban Arterials & Collectors Reliever & General Aviation Airports Concrete Pavement Restoration

22K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1<

DEBRA A. JOHNSON General Manager and CEO –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“Public transportation is the great societal equalizer. Access is what allows opportunity.” Key Projects in Progress Q Northwest Rail Study: *D=E?D= IJK:O E< J>; <;7I?8?B?JO E< ?CFB;C;DJ?D= 7 WF;7A I;HL?9;X H7?B I9>;:KB; 8;JM;;D ;DL;H 0D?ED .J7J?ED 7D: :EMDJEMD 'ED=CEDJ Q Fare Study and Equity Analysis: NFBEH?D= 7D: ;L7BK7J?D= -/ YI <7H; IJHK9JKH; 7D: F7II FHE=H7CI M?J> H;IF;9J JE ;GK?JO 7<<EH:78?B?JO 7D: I?CFB?9?JO M?J> FEJ;DJ?7B 9>7D=;I 8;?D= 9EDI?:;H;: D;NJ O;7H Q Denver Union Station Facility Enhancements: 9J?L?J?;I KD:;HJ7A;D JE ?CFHEL; KDM;B9EC; 9ED:?J?EDI 7J J>; ;DL;H 0D?ED .J7J?ED 8KI 9ED9EKHI; 651DEB5 2I *51> &P"5565 *@B9>7 *E==5B K 23

24K Colorado'E2<93 .?B;C !?EB>1< 10303 EAST DRY CREEK RD, SUITE 300 | ENGLEWOOD, CO 80112 | (303) 790-9100 | IHCSCOTT.COM PERFORMANCE AS PROMISED CONCRETE PAVING UTILITY & DRAINAGE EARTHWORK ALTERNATIVE DELIVERY CONCRETE FLATWORK STRUCTURAL CONCRETE Whether your project is simple or complex, small or large, we have the experience and resources to develop effective infrastructure solutions to support your project goals. When you work with IHC Scott, you’ll see that we look at the big picture while paying attention to small details on every project, ensuring your total satisfaction and creating exceptional results.

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Command Alkon Solutions To Build On Representing Con-E-Co & Gomaco Faris knows the challenges you face and the environment in which you work. We support you with leading manufacturers and after-sale service and parts. We treat you ethically and respectfully. SALES l PARTS l RENTALS l SERVICE David Barthel GOMACO Specialist 303 482 6461 FARIS ALSO REPRESENTS Ryan Morrissette Con-E-Co Specialist 970 361 7277 an Astec Co.

*@B9>7 *E==5B K 27 “Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards” ACPA CONCRETE PAVEMENT AWARDS 19-page special section as featured in Colorado Public Works Journal Spring/Summer 2022 The Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of ACPA Proudly Presents the 2022