Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2022 CO/WY Chapter - ACPA @COWYACPA Concrete Pavement MAKING THE GRADE ON INFRASTRUCTURE SUSTAINABILITY Optimizing pavement with expected use and performance conditions in mind can improve costs and reduce lifetime CO2 emissions. Two-thirds of a pavement’s total environmental impact over its lifetime often occurs during the phase in which the pavement is in use – well after material and design selections are made. Concrete is an economical, costeffective pavement solution that consumes minimal materials, energy, and other resources for construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation activities over its lifetime. Because of its rigidity, concrete pavement deflects less under vehicle loading, which results inreduced vehicle fuel consumption. Here’s Why Concrete pavement’s lighter color helps mitigate urban heat island effects and can help offset global warming. Concrete pavement is 100% recyclable, suitable for use in new concrete pavement, base materials, or controlled fill. Concrete pavement can periodically be renewed through diamond grinding, prolonging its lifespan, enhancing its smoothness, and improving its skid resistance. LONGEVITY INCREASED REFLECTIVITY RIGIDITY RENEWABLE RECYCLABLE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT