Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2022

30| THE ROAD AHEAD WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM INDUSTRY NEWS CAPA - SAFETY COUNCIL Plans Spring Meeting The CAPA Safety Council held the most recent meeting with Chair, Mitch Ellingson from Kiewit Infrastructure ( and Tom Clayton ( on 10:00am, Friday March 18, 2022. Items to be discussed include issues and concerns from the 2021 construction season, best practices, new technology and innovations, CDOT specification and work group updates, and training and resource opportunities. This group is open to all safety officers or others interested in site, worker, and overall safety in our industry. CAPA continues to be part of the ATSSA Rocky Mountain Chapter which hold their regular quarterly meetings to discuss issues concerning traffic safety, site safety and worker safety. CAPA, ATSSA, CDOT and other groups are continuing in a partnership to improve the safety of workers and the public in construction work zones. There are several initiatives underway for safety improvements and enhancements on projects. If you are not familiar with ATSSA, we would encourage you to research the group to see what a great resource they are for all things Safety. CAPA Is a member of ATSSA, and their current regional President is Shawn Severin from Loveland Barricade. You could reach out to Shawn Severin ( or Jennifer Hedge ( who is the local liaison for ATSSA. Jennifer can help you with membership information or how to join ATSSA and see if it a good fit for your organization. House Bill 21-1303 Global Warming Potential for Public Project Materials passed the Colorado legislature on party lines in May of 2021 and signed into law by Democratic Governor. Jared Polis in June, 2021. The new law requires CDOT for transportation projects and the state architect for building projects to establishing policy to develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for a number of construction products including asphalt and asphalt mixtures. The legislation stipulates a 2-3 year study and developmental period and then in January, 2025, to require EPDs on all projects. HB 21-1303 included a Fiscal Note of $90,000 for a part time FTE to document and report the implementation of the bill. Ironically, CDOT has contracted with a local consulting firm in the amount greater than $200,000 to facilitate implementation of Industry Responds to New Environmental Requirement the requirement. CAPA has developed an EPD Work Group to share information and best practices. State to Require Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Construction Materials For more information, contact Tom Peterson at