Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2022

WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM INDUSTRY NEWS CAPA has published the 2022 Local Agency Summary Pavement Condition & Funding Summary Report. It is available to download from the CAPA website. Across the state there are 88,000 lane miles of asphalt and local agencies are responsible for funding and maintaining 74% of that network (over 65,000 lane miles). Ninety six agencies have provided street funding and condition data in the 2022 edition. Agency feedback has been very supportive, “Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this information, it is very useful”…“Thanks for sharing other agencies responses so we can see where we are”…“Thank you for continuing to put this together, it is a great tool to share with our Elected Officials”. 2022 Outlook: Of the 30 agencies that reported both 2021 and 2022 data, 73% reported the same or an increase in their streets budget (+$30.4M) and 27% reported a decrease (-$7.8M). Budget data also indicates that Capital Improvement Project spending is down 15%, Mill & Overlay programs have increased 7% and Maintenance Programs have significantly increased. Agencies are reporting that over $352M has been budgeted for 2022 Annual Street Improvement Programs with an additional $322M in Capital Projects. That represents a total of over $674M being spent by Local Agencies in 2022 on streets and infrastructure across Colorado. For more information contact CAPA’s Director of Pavement Engineering Mike Skinner at or 2022 Local Agency Pavement Condition and Funding Summary Data Available 8| THE ROAD AHEAD