Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2022

Spring2022| 15 Within the realm of roads, bridges, tunnels, and transportation infrastructure building, the dangers are many and varied. “From the size of the equipment to proximity to the traveling public, there is a lot to pay attention to in constructing transportation infrastructure. Fall protection, dropped object protection, and traffic protection are among many everyday concerns. Therefore, it’s important to define stringent safeguards around every possible condition and then create checklist procedures to assure nothing is left to chance.” With so many varied people and processes mingling on a job site, Ellingson shares that pre-task planning is essential to the successful execution of the work every step of the way. In addition, creating two-way communications with the subcontractors working on a Kiewit project goes beyond meeting OSHA standards. “There are an almost infinite number of lessons learned in job site and task-based safety,” says Ellingson. “We work with subcontractors and suppliers to share insights and improve processes in both directions. We can learn from them, and they can learn from us. We all have to remember, no project we build will ever be more important than the people we ask to build it.”