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The Colorado Public Works Journal Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Editor PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L hen you have an idea for an issue that you think might be popular and you start to discuss with your peers, who are very encouraging and add their ideas to it, you think you are on a winner. It’s only when you officially announce the project that you can really feel confident that it is the right thing to do and really only once it is out in the hands of the readers can you breath a sigh of relief that the idea you had six-months ago, was a good one. Our Women in Construction supplement is exactly that. Coming back after the holidays myself and my design team have had to hit the ground running to compile this extraordinary issue which has involved a lot of research, a lot of connecting with others for help and a lot of time to put together. So, we hope that what you have in your hands right now – or, on your screen, brings you new information, helpful advice and reasons to pass along to another reader... or five. Of course, we sill have our regular WINTER issue features, including the ACEC Colorado Engineering Excellence Awards for 2022, showcased on pages 7-20. Here 24 awards are presented by companies showing outstanding achievements within the consulting engineering community. Another new piece for this issue is ‘Industry Insights’ by Sean O’Keefe who has joined the CPWJ writing staff. A conversation with a key figure in the industry learning about what they are looking for from us and what their goals are. Read the full article on page 55. As we start a new year, most of us have new goals for 2022, one of mine is to get to know our readers better and find about more about their needs and wants from connecting with CPWJ. Therefore, I will be reaching out to you by phone, by email and at trade shows to learn more of what you would like to see us publish. But, please don’t be shy you can take the first step, by sending me an email. Tell us what we are doing right and even what we might be doing wrong. This is your industry and CPWJ is a platform for you to use to benefit you in your work, make connections with businesses and people who can help make your work life better. W REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can now be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think. Mailing List Maintenance - COVID update Working from home and miss seeing your copy of CPWJ? No problem, send us your address and we will have your copy of CPWJ mailed to your home address rather than to your office. You may resume delivery to your office at any time. Please take a moment to let us know of any co-workers who may have moved on and no longer need to be on our mailing list. THANK YOU for helping us save resources and be kind to the environment. Winter 2022 | 3 CPWJ

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UPDATES Works News Denver International Airport Announces Details of Proposed Completion Phase of the Great Hall Project On December 16, 2021, Denver International Airport (DEN) announced that it is seeking approval from Denver City Council for the Great Hall Completion, the final phase of the Great Hall Project, which includes a full buildout of improvements to the Jeppesen Terminal. The announcement of this phase comes on the heels of the completion of Phase 1, which constructed new ticketing/check-in spaces with self-bag drop units for United and Southwest passengers in the center of terminal. “Fully building out the Great Hall Project now is the responsible thing to do and is crucial to DEN’s future success,” said DEN CEO Phil Washington. “It is essential that we continue the work we have started to better protect our passengers, upgrade our aging facility and prepare it for the future. We are recovering quickly, and our growth will continue to be robust over the next 10 to 20 years. Time is of the essence and these improvements must happen now before it’s even more expensive and disruptive.” Prior to the pandemic in 2019, DEN served 69 million passengers and is expected to serve about 70 million passengers in 2022 and 100 million passengers in approximately 10 years. Moving forward with the Great Hall Completion directly ties to DEN’s Vison 100 plan, which will help DEN prepare for this growth. Put simply, more passengers mean more flights, more local jobs, increased revenue for the region, and more economic impact for our region. The proposed Great Hall Complete plan must first get approved by Denver City Council. The proposal includes the following: • Improved safety for passengers. A new security checkpoint with enhanced technology on the northeast side of Level 6. With the Winter 2022 | 5 completion of this second checkpoint, both the checkpoints on Level 5 will be relocated to Level 6. At the same time, this will enable DEN to add more screening lanes, increasing capacity by more than 60%. • Modern and spacious ticketing areas. New check-in areas will be built on the south end of Level 6 for all remaining airlines, not just United, Southwest and Frontier. These modular spaces will provide greater flexibility for airline expansion and other changing needs in the future. • Upgraded facility. The project will renovate restrooms, replace flooring, lighting, elevators/escalators, etc. These improvements will save DEN approximately $200-250 million in maintenance costs over 10 years. • Comfortable spaces to meet and greet travelers. This includes both domestic and international arrivals on Level 5. • Developing a pipeline of aviation talent. Building and creating DEN’s Center of Excellence and Equity in Aviation, which will be constructed on Level 4 of the Westin Denver International Airport. The Center will engage, educate, empower, motivate, and provide opportunities for students who are underrepresented and young people who are interested in and passionate about careers in aviation. It will help build a future skilled workforce and become a focal point for aviation knowledge and best practices. These additional improvements to the Terminal will provide numerous benefits to our passengers and community including: • Creating 6,500 direct jobs, 500 indirect jobs, 1,300 induced jobs and an estimated 54,000 additional apprenticeship hours. Additionally, the community will benefit from training and job opportunities once the project is complete, and when DEN’s Center of Excellence and Equity in Aviation opens. • Providing additional space to allow airlines to better serve passengers and to grow by adding new airlines and destinations and creating more options for connecting our community to the world. • Creating efficiencies that are concurrent with construction of the existing phases of the project and allows DEN to minimize construction impacts. • Increasing capacity to accommodate at least 100 million annual passengers. The proposed budget for the Great Hall Completion including contingency and the capacity for DEN to meet all the terminal’s needs is $1.3 billion and will not be funded with taxpayer dollars, but rather by revenue generated at the airport. If this phase is approved by Denver City Council in January, the Great Hall Completion would begin work in late 2022 and is expected to be complete between spring 2027 and summer 2028 with sections opening along the way. A more definitive timeline will be determined once design is complete. “We have made a number of changes from what was proposed when the Great Hall Project was originally conceived,” added Washington. “While there is still a need to provide food and services for travelers, no one should mistake this as being a shopping mall. This project is about making sure DEN is ready for 100 million annual passengers. We cannot afford to fall behind and we owe it to our community to do the right thing for this airport. I understand that additional years of construction isn’t what many want to hear, but the most difficult work is behind us. This last phase of construction will be less impactful than the previous phase of construction in the center and we will open sections along the way as work is completed. We will do everything possible to make this a better experience for travelers.” Currently, Phase 2 of the Great Hall Project is under construction and will be complete by mid-2024 with the checkpoint completed in the first quarter of 2024. Hensel Phelps is the contractor for Phase 1 and 2 and would be the contractor for the Great Hall Completion under this proposal. The first two phases will be completed within the $770 million budget that was established at the start of the current Great Hall construction work.

6| ColoradoPublic Works Journal In January 2022 Power Equipment Company was proud to announce that it had acquired Golden Equipment Company, a full-service heavy equipment dealership with locations in Albuquerque, NM, Farmington, NM and Durango, CO. The acquisition bolsters Power Equipment Company’s presence in New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado with additional equipment and support solutions in the rolling stock, compact, aggregate, crane, and paving & compaction segments of the construction market. Power Equipment Company has been on a steady and strategic growth trajectory and this partnership provides continuity, additional resources, and new services to customers across the region. With adjacent territories and synergies among key product lines such as Volvo Construction Equipment and others, the experienced Power Equipment Company team will be growing existing relationships and developing new ones. Customers in Colorado and New Mexico will have access to shared resources which includes an expansive equipment fleet, robust parts inventory, and exceptional service offerings to better support their businesses. Established in 1985, Golden Equipment represents leading brands including, Volvo Construction Equipment, Cedarapids, Gomaco, Blaw-Knox, Etnyre and more. The company has cemented itself over the years as a trusted and reliable partner to contractors in EQUIPMENT Works News Contractors know that accurate numbers to track job site activity and topography can mean the difference between completing a project on time and on budget. With the addition of Smart Construction Field and Smart Construction Drone to Komatsu’s suite of job site technologies, contractors have two new tools to better manage projects. “When the Smart Construction group came in, they integrated everything together, and the transition felt seamless,” said Kevin Hawkinson, vice president of operations, A.W. Oakes & Son. “Now, we can take the data, transfer it to the machines, get data back from the machines to the office, and utilize all of that information across the board for bidding, customer reference and billing.” Smart Construction Field Using data to track spending allows contractors to analyze those numbers quickly and find cost-effective ways to manage and resource projects. Komatsu has partnered with Moovila, an experienced provider of project management software, to develop Smart Construction Field, a mobile app that allows contractors to easily Komatsu adds Smart Drone and Smart Field to job site solutions POWER EQUIPMENT COMPANY ACQUIRES GOLDEN EQUIPMENT COMPANY record job site activity and analyze operational efficiencies in near real time. Reports generated by Smart Construction Field can track daily job site conditions, and task progress can be broken down by labor, equipment and materials, including machine utilization and fuel distribution, receipts, timecards and subcontractor work. Regardless of equipment brand, Smart Construction Field can collect machine data from an entire fleet. Smart Construction Drone Collecting accurate topography is easy with Komatsu's Smart Construction Drone survey technology. This drone solution captures quantities for production tracking and billing, without personnel walking the job site to do a manual survey. Contractors can gather and analyze data throughout each project phase with topographic surveys that incorporate hundreds of thousands of data points. With the capability to take still photos from up to 400 feet above ground level or under bridge decks, Smart Construction Drone can be used as pre-job verification or to keep stakeholders up to date. Smart Construction Drone pairs very well with Smart Construction Dashboard. Built to combine data from multiple sources into one comprehensive picture, Smart Construction Dashboard combines 3D design data with aerial mapping and intelligent machine data, to let contractors confirm quantities and visualize job site progress. Smart Construction Dashboard is powered by the 3D visualization power and geospatial accuracy of Cesium, a leading platform to visualize, analyze and share 3D data. the communities they serve. Power Equipment Company and Golden Equipment employees will be merged into Golden’s Albuquerque and Farmington locations respectively. Additionally, Golden Equipment’s branch in Durango, CO, gives Power Equipment Company a newfound presence in this market. Power Equipment Company also has full-service facilities in Denver, CO (headquarters), Colorado Springs, CO, Grand Junction, CO, Greeley, CO, Casper, WY and Kansas City, MO. “Golden Equipment has a great tradition of providing its customers with the highest quality equipment and services for more than 35 years and we’re thrilled to be growing our business and joining forces with such an outstanding team,” said Will Ricketts, President of Power Equipment Company. “Together, we will deliver on our core values as dedicated, capable, team players. These values have been instrumental in building Power Equipment Company since 1936 and will resonate through this partnership.” President and Founder of Golden Equipment Company, Bill Golden, added, “We are very excited to become part of the Power Equipment Company family. This is a perfect fit for our loyal employees and customers throughout New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado. A win-win for all parties.”

Winter 2022 | 7 Colorado Engineering Council’s Top Awards Spotlight Outstanding Engineering Achievements Congratulations to the 2022 Award-winning Projects! The American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado (ACEC Colorado) Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) program annually recognizes Colorado consulting engineering firms for projects that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation, complexity, achievement and value. Each year’s EEA winners are honored during a luncheon on the first Monday in November. Additional details are online at, and videos about each project can be viewed on the ACEC Colorado Channel on YouTube at ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS The $253 million Capitol Square Project, the largest renovation of its kind in Wyoming, and first comprehensive Wyoming State Capitol upgrade was a top-to-bottom four-part renovation to rehabilitate and restore the capitol building, replace and relocate the central utility plant, remodel and expand the underground connection between the Capitol and Herschler Building, and remodel and expand the Herschler Building. The four-year renovation project replaced outdated building systems, added critical life safety infrastructure and addressed public space needs while expanding and refurbishing office space. Wyoming Capitol Square Project GRAND CONCEPTOR AWARD Consulting Engineer: HDR Client/Owner: Wyoming State Construction Department, Construction Management Division

8| ColoradoPublic Works Journal 39th Avenue Greenway Excellence Awards Consulting Engineer: Felsburg Holt & Ullevig Client/Owner: City & County of Denver The completion of this 39th Avenue Greenway, Design-Build project provides safe stormwater conveyance and improves water quality in the Cole and Clayton neighborhoods, two of Denver’s most historic communities. It also improves the connectivity of all modes to the surrounding transit stations, schools and businesses. The new recreational greenway along 39th Avenue between Franklin and Steele streets provides a mile-long multiuse path through the project, including nature play areas, plazas, and 12 acres of irrigated park space with new trees and lawn areas. This project also includes the first shared street in Denver, with FHU working closely with Denver and the community to set the new standard for this type of multimodal experience. SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS Martin/Martin’s design efforts included a unique drainage and conveyance system stemming from an existing 102-inch brick pipe that runs from Duck Lake in City Park northwest through the golf course. The design involved removing a portion of the existing pipe through the golf course and excavating a large detention pond with a 1-acre footprint forebay, a rate-based water quality treatment wetland channel, and an off-line trash separation vault. Removal of the existing storm sewer was completed in three phases, with a constant base flow requiring unique stormwater bypass systems and temporary reinforcements of the existing pipe. The new system provides flood control for up to a 100-year flood event for the Montclair watershed – one of the largest urban watersheds in the City and County of Denver. City Park Golf Course Redesign* Excellence Awards Consulting Engineer: Martin/Martin Client/Owner: City & County of Denver Department of Transportation & Infrastructure *2022 Outstanding Project Board

ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT Winter 2022 | 9 Muller’s holistic, sustainable approach for mitigation on this Chatfield Storage Reallocation project protects the ecological resources of the park for its many users with a natural design approach that is sustainable, cost effective, and reduces longterm maintenance requirements. Muller’s design detailed the restoration of 1.3 miles of severely eroded Plum Creek with riffle-pool stream complexes, natural meandering planforms, and restored secondary channels that reconnect streams to their floodplains, rehydrate adjacent wetland benches, and dissipate flow energy naturally to provide a healthier functioning system and enhance the riparian habitat. Mitigation along the South Platte River included restoration of Titan Lake and the Willow Creek tributary and extensive overbank shaping to expand riparian shrub and forest areas. Safety improvements included eliminating up to 10 foot tall, vertical, hazardous eroded channel banks. The Project planted a total of 4,000 trees and 80,000 woody plants on 240 acres. Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project | Littleton, CO ACEC Engineering Excellence Award Our Services Lakewood, CO | 303-988-4939 | Bridge & Structural Design Hydrology & Hydraulics Program Management Stormwater & Floodplain Management Traffic Engineering Roadway Design Water & Wastewater Utilities Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project Excellence Awards Consulting Engineer: Muller Engineering Company Client/Owner: Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company

SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS 10| ColoradoPublic Works Journal Plum Creek Water Purification Facility: Advanced Treatment Excellence Awards Consulting Engineer: Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company Client/Owner: Town of Castle Rock The Advanced Treatment project of the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility included the addition of a raw water blending tank, biological filtration, advanced oxidation, granular activated carbon, ultraviolet disinfection, and residuals handling to an operating drinking water plant. The new advanced treatment processes address and reduce contaminants of emerging concern and support existing processes in the successful removal of giardia, viruses, and cryptosporidium to above and beyond current regulatory requirements. The advanced oxidation and granular activated carbon systems specifically target and significantly reduce contaminants of emerging concern, such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, which conventional pretreatment and treatment technologies do not remove. The risks these contaminants pose to human health and the environment are not yet fully understood. As a result of this project, the Town has reached a primary benchmark in attaining its renewable source goals.

ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT Winter 2022 | 11 Denver Botanic Gardens Freyer-Newman Center Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: KL&A Engineers and Builders Client/Owner: Davis Partnership Architects From overcoming the challenges of a complex site where the building’s foundation floats atop of a high water table to designing a thermal break within the exterior tree columns to improve HVAC efficiency and provide wind load bracing, KL&A brought the architectural renderings to life through constructability and structurally designed building elements that visually increase the public’s awareness of structural engineering. With all of these elements, the Freyer-Newman Center is poised to have a long-standing, positive social impact that is structurally connected to natural plant life.

SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS 12| ColoradoPublic Works Journal Pikes Peak Summit Complex Excellence Awards Consulting Engineer: HCDA Engineering & CTL | Thompson Client/Owner: Pikes Peak: America’s Mountain The $56 million, 38,000-square-foot Pikes Peak Summit Complex — perched on the top of Pikes Peak at an elevation of 14,115 feet — opened to the public on June 24, 2021, despite an international pandemic and near-shutdown in the supply chain during the final year of its four-year construction process. The highest visitor center in the world and the highest publicly accessible structure in the United States, the complex consists of two attached buildings: a two-story terraced visitor center and the U.S. Army’s High Altitude Research Laboratory. It is expected to greet more than 600,000 visitors in its first summer season, is LEED Silver certified and is on track to receive the Living Building Challenge certification, one of just 29 buildings around the world to meet its ambitious and advanced sustainable design requirements. McGregor Square Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: ME Engineers Client/Owner: Stantec Situated on an entire city block and located directly across from Coors Field, Home of the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, McGregor Square features three high-rise towers on a common podium with residential, office, a boutique hotel, conference space, retail and restaurant space, underground parking for 400 cars, and a designated space for the Rockies Hall of Fame Museum. ME Engineers provided the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, and audio/visual design services, contributing to this high-profile project that brings services and entertainment to the immediate surrounding area.

ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT Winter 2022 | 13 Breckenridge North Water Plant Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: HDR Client/Owner: Town of Breckenridge Completed on schedule and on budget, the new North Water Plant is the largest, most complex project in Breckenridge’s history. Multiple projects completed as one, the project secures a water future for the town, allows operational flexibility, prepares for climate change and provides a means to repair the existing dam and treatment plant. Located in one of America’s best ski towns, the project team used methods new and old to construct the state-of-the-art plant on a challenging location and overcome difficult circumstances. Broomfield Public Works Service Center Expansion Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: Huitt-Zollars Client/Owner: Stantec & City and County of Broomfield Stantec was hired by Broomfield to prepare construction documents for a new shops facility that would either replace or augment the existing facility on 124th Ave. The City and County had outgrown the current facility but the existing site was unable to support a facility expansion of the magnitude needed for Broomfield’s infrastructure upkeep. Stantec then added Huitt-Zollars to the team to provide the site civil development of the new site selected for a new Broomfield municipal shops campus. The new site is located just off the northwest corner of Lowell Blvd and 144th Ave, downstream from a water-treatment facility and storage pond.

SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS 14| ColoradoPublic Works Journal Red Rocks Amphitheater Stage Roof Replacement Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: Martin/Martin Client/Owner: City & County of Denver The column placement for the new stage roof at Red Rocks Amphitheater dramatically opens the field of view to the benefit of both the performers and audience by reducing the column count from 12 to 4. Moving the columns back to reduce obstructed views, and, at the same time extending the roof forward, created a large roof cantilever above the front of the stage. Martin/Martin worked with the Architect to splay the columns 14-feet above the stage floor, resulting in a “W” shape that stiffened the cantilevered roof, while also creating a pleasing branching architecture complementary to the natural surroundings. The new columns needed to pass through the existing stage floor while avoiding floor beams and below stage finished spaces. This exercise created a complicated asymmetrical column layout, as well as a plan irregularity in the roof structure.

ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT Winter 2022 | 15 Pikes Peak Heights Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: CTL | Thompson & Pinyon Environmental Client/Owner: Schuck Communities Historical landfills present unknown and complicated environmental, material handling, and disposal issues. Every load of excavated construction and demolition debris was observed for signs of contamination, asbestos, biodegradable material (trash, organics), and metal. During excavation, additional areas of debris were located, increasing the original debris estimate to one million cubic yards. Through meticulous investigation, oversight, and management approximately 99.5% of the debris, consisting of soil, concrete, and asphalt, was excavated and reburied in the New Debris Area. Approximately 3,500 CY of unsuitable material, consisting of trash, asbestos containing material, and vegetation, was hauled to a permitted landfill for appropriate disposal, and 1,300 CY of metal was recycled. Siphon 1 Aerial Replacement Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: HDR Client: Denver Water Beneath the adjacent roadway, the Siphon 1 aerial pipeline rested atop a buried anchor block with a shallow foundation. The roadway traffic above and anchor block settlement contributed to pipeline deformations. The project team installed a new anchor block with a micropile foundation and replaced the structural slab to bridge over and protect the pipeline from future deformations. Completed on budget and on schedule, the project team completed construction in the river before trout spawning season and finished site restoration prior to the first snowfall.

16| ColoradoPublic Works Journal SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS McElroy Field Runway 9/27 Rehabilitation Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Armstrong Consultants Client/Owner: Grand County The last federally funded pavement surface was placed on this McElroy Field runway well over 20 years ago. In the interim, a private developer performed a pavement strengthening project to allow for heavier aircraft usage. With a pavement section well beyond its useful life, the Armstrong team was charged with designing a new pavement surface and bringing all crossslopes into compliance, while both minimizing the new thickness of pavement and maintaining the minimum thickness required for aircraft. This resulted in an extensive, iterative design process to use variable depth milling and overlays. Through numerous scenarios and refinement, a solution was found which was cost-effective, brought the runway into compliance, and met budget. Boulder Foothills Parkway Underpass Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: HDR Client/Owner: City of Boulder The Boulder Foothills Parkway Underpass connects to the regional trail network, parks, schools and provides new connections to simplify regional transit. Its gradual grades and natural, aesthetically pleasing design drastically improve the area while meeting future travel needs. For the first time in 75 years, all residents can cross Foothills Parkway at this location. The new ADA-compliant, grade-separated multiuse path provide gentle slopes that are easily accessible by those with disabilities, helping them get to and from their homes, employment and other activities. The project encourages alternative transportation modes, and with simpler access, may increase overall usage.

Winter 2022 | 17 ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT Aurora Water contracted Merrick & Company to test multiple data collection methods to ultimately correct their GIS data in the City’s busiest intersections as safe and efficiently as possible. Given the 2018 accident, and new mobile mapping innovations coming to market around this time, Merrick created a solution that would combine both project safety and project efficiency. This approach allowed highly accurate mapping data to be captured from a regular automobile traveling at the speed of traffic. Mapping data was captured using a mobile mapping system which included multiple high resolution digital cameras, a high accuracy inertial measurement unit (IMU) and GPS. This system was roof mounted and captured information while driving through each lane of each required intersection to collect. Watering Down Field Survey Risk With Remote Sensing Honor Awards Consulting Engineer: Merrick & Company Client/Owner: City of Aurora

18| ColoradoPublic Works Journal SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS A Campus Connection: The 19th Street Pedestrian Bridge at CU Boulder Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Otak Client/Owner: University of Colorado The 19th Street Bridge provides an ADA-compliant pedestrian bridge and pathway, linking the Boulder Creek Multiuse Path at 19th Street, student housing, and residential properties north of Boulder Creek to the main campus of the University of Colorado Boulder (CU). The project established a 760-foot-long elevated route that allows users to overcome the 55-foot grade difference between campus and the Boulder Creek Multiuse Path by connecting a series of 20 spans with single column, platform style piers. The 19th Street Bridge utilized lessons learned from the construction of its sister structure, the 23rd Street Pedestrian Bridge (also on CU’s campus and designed by Otak), to minimize project area impacts; provide unique, construction-friendly fit-up techniques; and leverage modular bridge and pier designs that reduced fabrication costs and on-site construction time, beating the original schedule by nearly four months. Lynn R. Morgan Water Treatment Plant Expansion Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company Client: Town of Erie Working as a unit, the project team found opportunities for cost and schedule savings and to solve project challenges as they arose with the Lynn R. Morgan Water Treatment Plan Expansion project. With the contractor on board early in the project and providing constructability reviews, the project team was able to manage the schedule, cost, and WTF operation impacts more effectively. Long lead time equipment was procured at the 60% design phase, saving approximately three months in the overall schedule. Construction activities, shutdowns, and equipment deliveries were phased to minimally disrupt service. These benefits were achieved using a collaborative delivery method, construction manager at risk (CMAR), and can be replicated on other projects within the water industry.

Winter 2022 | 19 ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT 37th Street Connector & Monroe Avenue Roundabout Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: J-U-B Engineers Client/Owner: City of Loveland Public Works Department J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc worked collaboratively with the City and project stakeholders to design a multi-modal roadway corridor. The project was split into two phases. Phase I of the project included the design of a single lane roundabout and a portion of the new roadway connection, which included bike lanes, sidewalks, storm drainage, lighting, and landscaping. Phase II of the project included the design of a single span bridge over Dry Creek. The bridge was designed to carry an existing sanitary sewer line and a waterline beneath the bridge. Phase II picked up from the Phase I construction and ultimately completed the 37th Street Roadway Connector from the east and west sides of Dry Creek. High Line Canal Trail Underpasses at Hampden Avenue & Colorado Boulevard Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: David Evans and Associates Client/Owner: City & County of Denver The High Line Canal Trail traverses four counties over 70 miles in the Denver Metro region and provides an invaluable recreational benefit to residents, commuters, and visitors. With Colorado’s increased demand for recreational facilities, preservation and enhancement of this resource, the safety of its users, and trail connectivity are of critical importance to numerous jurisdictions and organizations. CCD selected David Evans and Associates, Inc. as the prime consultant to complete required clearances and final design and specifications for two pedestrian/bicycle underpasses to connect the Cherry Hills Village Trail Extension (south of Hampden Avenue) to the trail on the east side of Colorado Boulevard for this TIP-funded project. Sheridan Landslide Stabilization Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Engineering Analytics, Inc. Client/Owner: Keller North America & City of Sheridan Utilization of the many techniques chosen for this project required complex design analyses. Engineering Analytics performed slope stability analyses to back-calculate values of the shear strength of the soils/bedrock at the time of failure and determine the probable slide mechanism at the site. The results of the back-calculations were used to select parameters for remediation design. In order to design the remediation, EA completed: (1) slope stability analyses for the soil nail and anchored soldier pile walls, (2) seepage modeling for horizontal drain spacing and drain flow rates, (3) hydraulic analyses for erosion protection, and (4) structural calculations for the soil nail wall shotcrete facing, soldier pile design, lagging, and anchor tendons and waler design.

SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS 20| ColoradoPublic Works Journal Robinson Diversion Modification Project Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Client/Owner: Pitkin County Healthy Rivers, LLC (RiverRestoration) worked closely with Pitkin County Healthy Rivers and the Robinson Ditch Company to develop a preferred alternative that met the Project’s goals. RiverRestoration held an extensive series of meetings with a wide variety of project stakeholders, including Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Eagle County, Town of Basalt, Trout Unlimited, and the Roaring Fork Fishing Guide Alliance to develop a Project that balances the needs of the community and the river. The design team took a rigorous approach, developing two dimensional hydraulic models to analyze the proposed design and evaluate its performance for fish passage, boat passage, channel stability, sediment transport, and water delivery. The Project also required a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) with FEMA. San Luis Valley Regional Airport Master Plan Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Armstrong Consultants Client: San Luis Valley Regional Airport As a result of these combined efforts, the Airport was able to obtain their FAR Part 139 certificate in order to obtain United Airlines service to Denver which conducted its first scheduled flight into ALS on November 1, 2020 operating the 50-seat CRJ-200 aircraft. Furthermore, the Airport is now equipped with an Airport Mater Plan and updated Airport Layout Plan set, to include a 20-year development plan to guide their future projects for years to come and ensure continued growth and success. Thornton Water Treatment Plant Replacement Merit Awards Consulting Engineer: Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company Client: City of Thornton To provide operational flexibility, Burns & McDonnell designed the new TWTP with a raw water blending room so that operators can isolate or blend the water sources coming into the plant. Having multiple chemical injection points throughout the treatment train aids in operational flexibility and creates opportunities for cost savings on chemicals. This feature, combined with strategically placed instrumentation, allows Thornton to quickly respond to significant variations in water source quality. The plant also has hydraulic capacity for emergency treatment during high-flow periods.


22| ColoradoPublic Works Journal t is not all hard hats and steel toed boots…welcome to the very first in our series of focusing on Women in Construction. Whilst we all know there’s a shortage of labor in our industry and even less of them are women, we hope that by showcasing these varied jobs/careers that it will entice other women to take an interest to dip their toe in. There are so many encouraging stories, that if you are reading this and want to give construction a try, what have you got to loose? Jump on in and venture into our great industry. Connect with other women through the women focused organizations on page 33, network and become more comfortable asking for help and advice, find a mentor to support you and help guide you. However you use this information we hope that you will enjoy reading and learning about fellow women in the industry. Please feel free to pass this supplement on to your daughters, girlfriends and to schools. Be sure to show them the education information on page 51. These profiles highlight how some women fell into their role purely by chance but yet woudn’t change a thing. How they said yes and gave things a try. A big THANK YOU to the advertisers who have supported this supplement and made it possible for this to be printed as a stand alone hand out to share with others today and throughout the year. I ACL ASSIGNAR BRANNAN SAND AND GRAVEL BRYAN CONSTRUCTION CAPA CCA CRMCA/CSSGA GH PHIPPS HOT SHOT SUPPLY HPM CONTRACTING IRON WOMAN KIEWIT MORTENSON OE CONSTRUCTION P&H EQUIPMENT PHOENIX MASONRY SECOND ACT WOMEN TRANSPORTATION & CONSTRUCTION GIRL WILSON & COMPANY Jo Taylor, Managing Editor TOP WOMEN IN COLORADO CONSTRUCTION THANK YOU TO OUR ADVERTISERS

Winter 2022 | 23 TOP WOMEN IN COLORADO CONSTRUCTION SUPERINTENDENT PROJECT MANAGER ENGINEER OWNER Kelli Kelly BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY DIRECTOR Kiewit Kelli Kelly currently serves as a Business Development & Strategy Director for Kiewit. Her primary function is to develop client, community, and industry engagement strategies to drive and support the pursuit and delivery of key infrastructure projects, with a focus on socio-economic equity and inclusion. Her 17 years of industry experience includes a variety of roles, including proposal management, community outreach, business development, and diversity and inclusion strategy. The most rewarding aspect of her current role is collaborating with clients and project teams to positively impact communities by connecting diverse business and workforce with resources and opportunities. Kelli volunteers with several community organizations focused on education and economic development; and currently serves on numerous boards, including Denver Workforce Development Board, Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists, and the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado Contractor Academy. Kelli holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Colorado, and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from CSU. Kelli’s hobbies include fitness, shopping, and watching 80’s television reruns. She is the proud mom of 17- and 21-year-old daughters. Julie Blanco SENIOR MARKETING COORDINATOR Mortenson As a senior marketing coordinator Julie is an invaluable member of the marketing team helping to build the Mortenson brand here in Denver. Most of her time is spent on business development pursuits, event planning, creating marketing deliverables and community engagement. It is important to Julie to engage outside of marketing, so she is excited to be one of the leaders on our operating group’s Women in Construction and Community Impact committees. Growing up with a parent who is an architect, Julie knew there were ways she could be a part of the A/E/C industry even though she studied business and journalism in college. In marketing at Mortenson, she is able to combine her passion for writing, design and getting into the details. Julie finds motivation from being able to work on a team that’s collaborative and always willing to help. Every day at Mortenson is an opportunity - to learn something new, to get involved, to do the right thing. Julie transplanted from Texas because of her love of all the outdoor Colorado activities. Some of her favorites include hiking, trail running, and golf. A fun fact about Julie – she is a pilot and received her license in 2016. I have owned Business Rewritten, a marketing communications firm in the A/E/C industry, since September 2015. When asked what I do, I happily respond that I write words that compel others to care about untold stories. My purpose is to help my clients discover, write and share the real story behind every building façade. I first entered the A/E/C industry in September 2008, while working for McGraw-Hill Construction in Washington D.C. I then moved to Denver and started working in-house at an engineering firm and later an architecture firm in both marketing and business development roles. My favorite part about working in the industry is being able to drive all over Colorado and point out various horizontal and vertical projects that my clients and their partners have designed and built together. It makes me smile even more, when I can say that I helped tell the story about that particular design and construction project. Looking towards the future, as an entrepreneur at heart, I am currently planning for a future business venture that I hope to unveil in 2023. Outside of work, I enjoy reading non-fiction, business-related and mental wellness books. I am spoiled by my boyfriend, a chef, who cooks way too many homemade meals for us. I also love walks with my Corgi, especially in the snow watching his little legs sprawl out joyfully. Julie Wanzer OWNER Business Rewritten My primary role as Marketing Coordinator at Kumar & Associates, Inc. is to manage and generate all responses for Request for Proposals & Qualifications as a prime and subconsultant. I also create dynamic content for advertisements, social media, and K+A’s website. More than six-years ago, I began my career as receptionist at K+A and was eager to learn more about the company and the industry. Because of my unique climb to Marketing Coordinator, I still assist with administrative functions to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly. I have enjoyed working at K+A and especially doing what I do. Every day, I have the pleasure of “bragging” about my company to help win work with clients and continue to learn more about what we do and how our services can make a difference in the A/E/C industry. In the future, I want to climbing the ladder to leadership and grow K+A’s presence within Colorado. Outside of work, I am very active within the softball community. When moving out to Colorado, I wanted to continue to play and found some new friends and play on four teams in different leagues. This keeps me active Spring through Fall and is a great way to relieve stress with physical activity. Amanda Sparks MARKETING COORDINATOR Kumar & Associates, Inc.

24| ColoradoPublic Works Journal TOP WOMEN IN COLORADO CONSTRUCTION I began my career in the asphalt industry just out of high school loading trucks at the asphalt plant. Taking advantage of any opportunity, including winter maintenance at the plant and secretarial work in the office, I gained the knowledge to work my way up to project management. This is my favorite position, so far. I love the pace and people of this industry. I really enjoy the opportunity to split my time outdoors and in the office. I love to go camping and hope to someday, fully restore my ’54 Buick. Abby Glaser PROJECT MANAGER Martin Marietta I run our Denver office from an operations perspective supporting the transportation work that we do from early planning and analysis to design and construction oversight. I landed simply by chance in a transportation role at my first job out of college, and now I enjoy being a part of improving the way people get around the Denver Metro Area. When I was in college I had a professor suggest to me to find a job that “you are good at, you enjoy doing, and the world needs done” and I believe I have found that in the transportation industry. With my WTS Colorado hat on, I support all aspects of our chapter to ensure that we continue to push forward the advancement of both the transportation industry and the professional women who are a growing part of it. I am Chapter President of WTS Colorado and I love to travel and have been to four continents. I hope as soon as international travel is able to begin in full force again I can check off another continent from my list. Malinda Reese DENVER OFFICE LEAD Apex Design Terri Olson co-owns and has operated OE Construction Corp. a commercial site preparation and underground utility contractor with her son here in Colorado for over 15 years. In January 2020 Terri opened a heavy equipment operator training company called Next Gen Equipment Training to provide operator training using cutting edge, technology based simulators to train operators on all types of construction heavy equipment. Terri’s background includes over 25 years of experience in the technical training industry, specifically building and operating a training company focused on computer software and hardware skills training and business technology consulting services. In 2006 she helped her son with his business venture in civil contracting and ultimately became an investor and Vice President with OE Construction. Teri tells us “I was a music major in college and ended up in technology and construction. Our paths in life are not set in stone, you can achieve anything you put your mind to!” Terri Olson VICE PRESIDENT OE Construction Corp. I started working for Colorado Contractors Association in 1989 at 22 and when I interviewed for the job, I thought it would be a temporary while I could keep looking for “something better.” If you would have asked me then, I would have probably said no to a career in in heavy, highway, municipal utility construction. I’ve now been with CCA for 33 years and I couldn’t imagine a better career. I have been given incredible opportunities and met amazing people that have become a second family. My hobbies are camping, cross-stitch and I love watching movies. Kelly Lehto MEMBER SERVICES & EVENTS MANAGER Colorado Contractors Association “Have the courage to speak up” APPRENTICE JOURNEYMAN INSTRUCTOR FOREMAN C O L O R A D O Sign up now for an introduction to a career in asphalt. Four free training sessions on Saturdays in January, March, June & October Women of Asphalt Colorado Branch Training Academy 2022 For more information on these sessions or our other events Please contact a Women of Asphalt Regional Rep: Nicki Upright (970) 302-4059 • Heather Thom (720) 841-6471 • Tammy Buck (303) 358-4185 • Jo Taylor (720) 360-6737 • Abby Glaser (303) 895-1731 Women of Asphalt is a 501(c)6 non-profit

SUPERINTENDENT PROJECT MANAGER ENGINEER OWNER Winter 2022 | 25 Kathleen Huttmann -Williams BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Fiore & Sons, Inc. As Business Development Manager at Fiore & Sons, Inc., civil contractors in Colorado, Kathleen creates new opportunities and strategies that foster Fiore & Son’s culture, clients, and project base. Katheen received a B.S Degree in Interior Architecture and has spent her professional career in the A/E/C industry, working with architects, engineers and contractors. A former 4-term City Councilwoman in Olathe, Kansas, Kathleen enjoys spending time with family and friends, weekends at their log home on Storm Mountain and is a Certified International Travel Manager (CITM). Kathleen currently serves on the AGC Board of Directors, Legislative Committee, SubContractor Relations Council, and Specialty Contractors Council, AC-REP (Adams County Regional Economic Partnership) Board of Directors and Legislative Committee and is a member of several professional organizations including CCA, ABC, NUCA, HBA, SMPS and DDP (Downtown Denver Partnership). Kathleen and her husband, Chris, are proud parents of six children, seven PERFECT grandchildren, their Lab, Gracie and 19-year-old tabby, Sophie. Sonya DuPuis SENIOR ENGINEER Kiewit Infrastructure Co. I have worked for Kiewit for 28 years, starting as an assistant drill and shoot foreman in South Dakota. I have lived in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico and Minnesota and have worked as a project engineer, project manager, estimator, and preconstruction manager. I love the challenging world of construction and find it fascinating and rewarding to work with designers to determine the most efficient way to design and construct a project. My most memorable project was Denver Union Station, where I was the preconstruction manager. I especially enjoyed working through the architecture design, then seeing the beauty come to life in construction. I co-chair Central District’s Women in Kiewit committee where we have formed great relationships, mentored each other, presented to high schools and universities, and held quarterly training meetings, among many other things. I am on the HCC Women in Leadership committee and a member of WTS Colorado. My husband and I have a collection of classic and muscle cars including a ’46 Jeep Willys Pickup, ’70 Chevelle, ’86 Trans Am and ’10 Mustang Cobra. Our son is a hockey player on the Castle View varsity team and I love to watch his games! Susan retired from the Connecticut Department of Transportation in April 2019 after 32 years. She was a highway maintainer for 19 years and Curriculum Manager 13 years. She has a master’s degree in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut. At Connecticut DOT Susan was a program chair for the Connecticut Training and Development Network Professional Instructors Training Program, and on the instructor team for Aspiring Leaders, the State of Connecticut’s Executive Management Program. As a member of Women’s Transportation Seminars (CT) she developed and chaired the chapter’s Leadership Program from 2017 t0 2019. She currently serves on the WTS International Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. Susan was a volunteer with American Red Cross Disaster Services for over 20 years, and supported the local chapter as an instructor for Defensive Driving and Mass Care. She is the program director for the HWY Maintenance Management Program offered by Front Range Community College. This online program is for employees in the industry who want to improve their professional presence and align themselves for future opportunity. Susan Baillargeon PROGRAM DIRECTOR Front Range Community College Keller created Transportation and Construction GIRL (TCG) to fill a void in workforce and provide financially sustainable careers for young women. TCG combines education/training, mentoring/shadowing and events to open up the transportation & construction industry to young women. One TCG graduate said, “It really ups your self-confidence because you see all these strong powerful women who really love what they do.” Hayes loves seeing girls realize they can be a powerful part of the industry. With a minor in Women’s Studies, Hayes has 20 years in the construction and transportation industry. She has consulted for US Department of Transportation (DOT), CDOT, UDOT and NDDOT to provide technical assistance to women owned and minority owned companies. Former Denver Mayor Hickenlooper issued a proclamation that said “Keller Hayes is a role model to other women, encouraging them to achieve more than they thought was possible.” Keller is also an avid reader of science fantasy. She learned electrical, roofing and heavy equipment operation growing up on a ranch. Keller Hayes DIRECTOR Transportation and Construction Girl TOP WOMEN IN COLORADO CONSTRUCTION