Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall/Winter 2021

14 Colorado Public Works Journal On a warm and sunny September day 98 employees from Douglas County were invited to the Public Works Operations Mentor Training Card Program and Appreciation Event. Now in its 6th Year the Douglas County Mentor Training Program was held at their Public Works Facility at Waterton Road, Littleton CO on September 15th. Rod Meredith, Public Works Director started this annual program as a way of getting operators into machines that they may not be familiar with, or ones that they may like to run, to further their career. The day began at 8.00am with ‘Snow Plow Operator Training and Testing’, first on the schedule. This is not for the faint-hearted, as I personally can attest to as I climbed in the cab and got my bearings using mirrors alone. John Lamb, Special Projects Supervisor was my instructor as I maneuvered the 60,000lb machine in between cones and around tight corners set out to resemble typical neighborhood roads. I made it through the course, but if you look at the photo to the right, I doubt they will be hiring me any time soon. Next up were training courses for all operators on the following machines; Snow Plows, Motorgraders, Backhoes, Mini Excavators, Skidsteers, Dozers, Large Excavators, and Loaders. Hands on demonstrations of Rock Blasting, Welding and Culvert Straightening, were also available for those interested throughout the day. Each attendee was encouraged to pick at least 5 of the demos to be eligible for the drawing at the end of the day to win prizes and An interactive & fun day for gift cards. A BBQ lunch gave everyone a chance to socialize and visit with the vendors in attendance. Douglas County have some unique training cards that they use around the facilities to educate employees about topics from the technical aspects, such as how to get project support and asking for permits, to managing equipment and the safe way to handle noxious weeds. The Training Card Committee keep the cards current and code relevant to the tasks in hand. Bob Guerra, who is Assistant Supervisor for district 2 in the Road & Bridge Dept and has been with DC for 25 years he said about the day “It’s a good deal, we get to mingle with everyone we work with,