Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2021

The Colorado Public Works Journal Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Editor PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L ince our SUMMER issue always contains the APWA Western Snow & Ice Conference program, you would think that we would have an inventory of snow scenes to put on our front cover, however, we don’t. When it’s snowing outside who wants to go out and take photos? Although, I tell myself every year I must do just that, so that we are prepared for the next year. So, for this issue we thank John Deere for the great cover image. Preparedness is key to our public works departments, no matter what the weather. They need to have the equipment, technologies and the skills to take on any eventuality, whether that be the extreme heat (that we are currently experiencing) or, the extremely cold freezing conditions that we get here in Colorado. What better place to hone your skills than at this conference, where you can pick and choose the tracks you attend to suit your own personal needs. Which surface is better in cold climates? Asphalt or Concrete? What anti-icing liquids should you use, or, should you use a blend of several? How do they plow snow at Pikes Peaks summit of 14,115ft? Are there some tips that you could use in your city, or county? See how using data can help operators and agencies monitor ground temperatures, Want to obtain an associates degree in Highway Maintenance? well, yes you can, find out how here. The list of what you can learn over these two and half days goes on and you will find all the details in the Snow & Ice section which starts on page 16 of this issue, so take a look and start planning your itinery. Don’t forget to make time to reacquaint yourself with all the vendors that will be exhibiting and to reconnect with your work friends, whom you probably last saw on a computer screen. I for one will look forward to seeing you there, so if you see me come and say Hello! Continuing on the topic of Caring for your Employees, Cal Beyer, who we interviewed in the SPRING/SUMMER issue writes about mental health issues on pages 14 &15 and talks to two Colorado companies to see how they are addressing the subject. Learn what you can do for your organisation to help support your staff and co-workers. PS (Parting Shots) pages 62-63 is proving that we as an industry are getting social again and are happy to be networking, playing golf and learning in person, once more. If you have an event coming up that you would like CPWJ to cover, please do reach out to me, we would be happy to attend. Meanwhile, I will mark my calendar at the very first sign of snow to get out with my camera to ensure that we have a supply of snow scenes to use next summer! S REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can now be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think. Summer 2021 | 3