Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring-Summer 2021

Images © CPWJ Parting Shots Spring - Summer 2021 | 61 RMACES Expo 2 Mesa County Fairgrounds, Grand Junction, May 5th, 2021 P.S. Sara Olberding and Peyton Adair were on hand representing Bergkamp Erin Spicer and Rich Neal of Colorado Barricade introduce their products to Anna Purtscher from the City of Grand Junction Esena Burkhart, Victoria Patterson, Jen Kelly, Sharon Cranston Shanks and Jo Taylor represent Women of Asphalt Colorado Bobcat of the Rockies booth All Colorado Semi Trailers ready for business! Wagner equipment on display Mike Skinner chats with the guys from the Town of Gypsum Becky Roland and the RMACES staff welcome guests to Mesa County Fairgrounds