Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring-Summer 2021

CRMCA UPDATE National recognition for CRMCA Hello construction industry. The Colorado Ready Mixed Con- crete Association (CRMCA) continues in our efforts to expand the use of concrete through our Build with Strength initiative, improve the quality and technical aspects of concrete through our ACI Sponsoring Group program, influence legislation at both the State and National level, and finally, provide great networking opportunities for our membership. The Associa- tion’s committees and Board of Directors provide a strong and unified voice that supports our agenda. First off, I am extremely proud the CRMCA was again named recipient of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) State Association of the Year. This marks the third time in five years that CRMCA has received this national recognition, which has previously been unmatched. While we strive for continuous improvement, this national recognition is a strong indicator that we continue in the right direction. Thanks to our dedicated staff, as well as the board of direc- tors and committee leaders that drive this forward. Additionally, regarding national initiatives, CRMCA is currently in the process of expanding our successful Concrete Testing Adherence Coalition (CTAC) to include other concrete trade associations across US and Canada. To assist, we were awarded a grant from the Ready Mix Concrete Research Foundation. Therefore, in early May, the expansion has been launched. We are pleased to take this leadership to include others throughout North America. Contact the CRMCA office or visit our website to find out more. Concrete Day: CRMCA and our partners at the American Concrete Pavement Association CO/WY and the American Concrete Pipe Association CO held a virtual event on April 28. During the event, Jeremy Gregory with the MIT Concrete Sus- tainability Hub presented on “ Advancements in Sustainability & Resilient Building Practices. ” Mr. Gregory’s presentation highlighted the benefits of concrete in sustainable building ap- plications. Another highlight of the event included remarks de- Todd R. Ohlheiser livered by Governor Jared Polis. The Governor proclaimed April 28, 2021 as Concrete Day in Colorado and spoke of the need for local and reliable building materials. Another virtual event occurred on May 13 as Colorado State Patrol’s Sgt. Todd James presented information regarding a DOT Audit Webinar. Additionally, Sgt. James covered com- monly asked questions and topics such as: What are we seeing on the roads that cause you problems? Driver qualifi- cations. What needs to be in your DOT employee files? Truck files. What should be in the file? What is commonly missing from the files? Record retention within the files. Drug and alcohol program requirements including the clearinghouse en- rollment. How is your CSA score affected by roadside checks etc.? For those who deal with DOT issues daily, this informa- tion proved to be extremely beneficial. The session was re- coded for those interested. Also, as our trade association proceeds with caution and opti- mism, we have scheduled an in person Networking Event for the evening of June 15. This aligns with the CRMCA board meeting, and the evening before the CSSGA Board meeting on June 16. We are hopeful those board members from be- yond the Denver area can attend. This with be in an outside setting at ACE Eat Serve in Denver. Again, another great net- working opportunity for members. Additionally, two months later is the summer conference in Vail, August 12-13th. While this had been a CRMCA event, and CSSGA did a separate event later in the fall, both boards decided to pull this together for 1 joint event. The event will in- clude a golf outing, which will be our first such event in well over a year! We look forward to life beyond ZOOM!!! As always, contact me or our office with any questions or thoughts. Thank you. Todd R. Ohlheiser is Executive Director for Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association and the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association. He can be reached at . 52 | Colorado Public Works Journal