Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring-Summer 2021

The Colorado Public Works Journal Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Editor PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L here are occasions in one’s life when you have the opportunity to meet someone who you can really connect with, someone who is so passionate about their job that it makes a huge impact on your own. As they impart their knowledge, it feels as though they have entrusted you with the most precious gift of information that just has to be exposed and given a platform. This person for me was Cal Beyer, who I had the privilege to interview for our 30 minutes with…. on page 18, when we talked about his work with suicide prevention in the construction industry. The presentation of the ACPA Awards may have had to be held remotely, but that hasn’t stopped us from sharing each of the categories with you here on pages 27 and 45. What an impressive array of projects, all using the common theme of concrete. Out and about? Yes, we finally are, and what a pleasure it has been to see and talk to people in person again, rather than viewing just their head and shoulders on a computer screen. The Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference & Equipment Show took their event outside this year (as hotels were still restricting large numbers) and held an EXPO day at both Bandimere Speedway in Morrison and at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. Both of these events were supported by vendors and well attended by customers. See PS on pages 60 and 61 Many of you will know that I am on the board of Women of Asphalt, Colorado Branch, holding the position of Secretary. In this capacity I have been involved in numerous meetings and activities helping them to elevate their position here in the state. It is great to be part of a team of women who are all striving towards a common cause. Not only do you get to meet some amazing women, but we have a lot of fun too! While I was supporting Women of Asphalt this month and travelling to the western side of Colorado for the Mesa County Asphalt event, I was able to call in and meet with some of the local municipalities. Many were pleased to share with me what they are working on in their communities. A meeting with CDOT alerted me to a project that has begun in Grand Junction to improve traffic flow on one of the busiest intersections in the downtown area. A phasing plan is to be put in place with time saving factors to reflect cost savings on the project. More details can be found in our project updates on page 8-9 At a stop in Glenwood Springs I learnt about the work they are doing there to combat the wild fires the city experienced last year, as well as other safety measures being put in place to benefit their community. Read more about that on pages 46-47. When you next see me at an event be sure to ask for one of our new CPWJ stickers for your hard hat, or pick one up wherever you see CPWJ being displayed. T REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can now be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think. Spring - Summer 2021 | 3