Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2021

WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM 2020 “Best in Colorado” Asphalt Pavement Awards CATEGORY - Airport Winner: APC Southern Construction and Lake County The Leadville/Lake County airport has the distinction of being North America's highest elevation general aviation airport. Aircraft perform- ance deteriorates rapidly with altitude, so many organizations use the Leadville Airport as a base for high-altitude performance testing. This $4.7M project consisted of a full rehabilita- tion of Runway 16-34 and taxiways with 2.5” of P-209 and 2.5” of P-401 FAA approved asphalt mixes. 20,000 tons of asphalt was placed utilizing a Weiler Transfer Vehicle and a Pave Smart grade control system to maintain elevations on 25’ stations. The project was delivered in July 2020. Significant Contributors to the success of the project include: AB Underground, Coughlin Com- pany, Airfield Western, Ground Engineering, Pro- line West, and WesTest. The airport judges flew into the airport for the inspection and commented “Overall appearance was excellent, no sign of grinding or patching on the runway. The surface was smooth and tight and we didn’t see any transverse joints on the runway. Ride quality was excellent.” Leadville / Lake County Airport Runway 16-34 CATEGORY - Plant Production Greater than 50K to less than 100K Winner: APC Construction Co. of Golden. In 2002, CDOT began to monitor the quality of plant-produced asphalt paving mix from each supplier to their construction program. The goal with this effort was to identify and acknowledge the asphalt producer who most consistently meets their specifi- cation requirements. There are two categories for this award. All Asphalt Paving Materials (Both Hot Mix, Warm Mix Asphalt and Stone Matrix Asphalt) are in- cluded in the Quality in Asphalt Production Awards. The small category is for con- tractors who produced between 50,000 and 100,000 tons of as- phalt for CDOT projects in 2020. 10 producers were evaluated in the 50,000 to 100,000 tons category. The winner, APC Construction Co. of Golden with 90,000 tons of asphalt tested. CDOT Plant Production Award 12 | THE ROAD AHEAD