Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2021

The Colorado Public Works Journal Jo Taylor, Managing Editor Editor PUBLIC WORKS COLORADO J O U R N A L am encouraged by what I am hearing here in Colorado and people’s positive outlook for 2021, and so should we all be. As businesses thrived during the pandemic, it looks like there will be more of that on the horizon, at least from the first part of the year. Therefore, we must remain strong and determined, so that we can win more business. We may find it tougher during the second quarter as projects that were defereed during the pandemic have helped us start of the new year well. Federal and state regulations are changing all the time and we need to change too. Focussing on the future as well as the present. Follow through on those bids/quotes, continue to provide exceptional customer service. Keep in contact with your clients, even virtually, if you cannot see them in person. They need to know that they are still your priority the same way as before. Machine and equipment manufacturers are still producing new models that help you do things quicker, better and more efficiently. We hear of new businesses that are starting up and some business’s that are expanding their stores. These are all positive signs for our economy. Promotions and new hires are still happening, which reflects well on our industry. Once again, we have some wonderful projects showcased in the ACEC Engineering Awards Spotlight on pages 22-39 all completed right here in Colorado. The Awards were presented virtually in November. All presentations can be viewed on ACEC’s dedicated YouTube Channel. Our feature on the 33rd Street Outfall shows us what goes on 30 feet beneath the streets, a project 10 years in the making to help prevent floods in one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods. Read the full article on pages 16-19. Despite the regulations not allowing groups of people to gather over the holiday period. CPWJ were still able ‘attend’ several parties and socialize with their peers, colleagues and co-workers. Fun times were had on Zoom, including the traditional party ingredients; ugly sweaters, games and cocktails! Thanks to each and every one of you who has supported CPWJ during 2020. Whether it be advertising with us, your article contributions, your project submissions, your news, it all goes towards helping us produce this publication. We look forward to that continuing in 2021. We help keep you connected. Here’s to 2021…we are in this together! I REMEMBER that Colorado Public Works Journal can now be read online, on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Please go there, take a look and let us know what you think. Mailing List Maintenance - COVID update Working from home and miss seeing your copy of CPWJ? No problem, send us your address and we will have your copy of CPWJ mailed to your home address rather than to your office. You may resume delivery to your office at any time. Please take a moment to let us know of any co-workers who may have moved on and no longer need to be on our mailing list. THANK YOU for helping us save resources and be kind to the environment. Winter 2021 | 3