Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall / Winter 2020

60 Colorado Public Works Journal Parting Shots P.S. Images © CPWJ CAPA Golf Day Fox Hollow Golf Club, September 18th, 2020 The team at Yeh & Associates stay within their bubble for lunch. Lucia Lightfield of Lightfield Enterprises enjoying the Fox Hollow golf course Colorado Public Works Journal sponsor the Beverage Cart.... how fitting! CAPA Golf Day COVID style. Even the golf carts keep 6ft apart! Matt from Moody Insurance expertly launches balls for players ...for a fee...which aided the APWA scholarahip Players enjoying the freedom of an outdoor social get together Mike Scardina of Surface Tech and Jeremy Clayton of Cherry Hills Village enjoy some camaraderie. Tom Knostman from City of Fort Collins is thrilled with winning the CPWJ gift basket.