Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall / Winter 2020

16 Colorado Public Works Journal In 2020, Transportation & Construction GIRL Day expanded to one week. So what does a day turned into a week in a pandemic look like? From September 28 – October 2, Transportation and Construction GIRL (TCG): created 67 videos; held two webinars with 9 amazing women; collaborated with TeachConstruction to offer a free online course; collaborated with NextGen Equipment Training to offer 6 new videos; held a Win Like a GIRL Contest; created the first TCG Film; offered the TCG online coloring book; and posted to our YouTube Channel – Transportation & Construction GIRL. And, there is a link to the recorded webinars on our website You may have driven by our sponsors and seen the new TCG yard sign. On my block, it is always Transportation & Construction GIRL week. Our sponsors - listed on our website – have my admira- tion and gratitude. They never paused in their commitment to sup- port opportunities for young women in this industry. A huge shout out to Colorado Public Works Journal for being our media sponsor! Jo Taylor has been unwavering in her support and has been a huge inspiration to young women. Like everyone else, Transportation & Construction GIRL pivoted until we were all dizzy. But we firmly believed that what we did this year would impact young women for the rest of their lives. So, just like all of our sponsors, we dug in. We followed up with girls that had participated in past programs. Sarai is now in a construction path- way and got her first OSHA card! Rachel decided to combine IT with engineering. Sela is headed to Colorado School of Mines in Geologi- cal Engineering. Jay is an employed welder. Laken is excited about marketing in construction. Emma-Jo discovered that being an engi- neer is cool. And, Kate can’t stop talking about being a crane operator. And, how about this year’s girls? Lanie won the “Win Like a Girl” contest. She is scheduled to talk with Karen Lenox at Spartan Col- lege, to pursue her passion in Aviation and Aerospace Management. And, what about the winner of our Scavenger Hunt during our Sum- mer Program? Finley’s dad expects her to do brave things. He said Transportation & Construction GIRL pivots to a week-long event TCG was her stepping out of her comfort zone and experiencing new things. If you want to hear from girls and parents, go to our YouTube Channel. And, the silver lining? Since our program was virtual, we were able to provide programs for girls in seven states. We reached 150,000 parents. And, we got great feedback from schools. One school said, “This is such an amazing program and I appreciate your team for making this industry more tangible for our female students!” Another school said, “TCG is amazing and provides life-changing opportunities to help increase the number of females in the transportation and construction industries.” We hope you join Transportation & Construction GIRL in providing life-changing opportunities for young women.