Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall 2020

SMALL COMMUNITY STRUCTURES A collaborative partnership between the City of Greenwood Village, the Architect - D2C Architects, and the contractor - FCI designed and constructed a statement building for the community. The site re- mained fully operational during demolition of the existing facility and the new facility stands in its place. The facility meets the requirements for a LEED Silver Certification. The City of Greenwood Village Public Works and Parks, Trails and Recreation had a problem. Their administration and maintenance fa- cilities suffered from outdated safety practices and could no longer serve the needs of the users or the community. D2C worked collabo- ratively with the City, design team, and contractor to determine the best solution to accommodate the needs of multiple departments. The Goal: eliminate inefficiencies, tailor the spatial layout to the user’s daily functions, increase productivity and efficiency, all while providing a secure facility. The team explored a variety of options including: ex- panding on to the existing facility, a new facility on site but in a differ- ent location, and a new facility over the existing demoed site. The team emerged successfully with a 17,200 SF new administrative building attached to the existing maintenance bays built on the exist- ing site of the demoed facility. The improvements also include a reno- vation to the existing maintenance bays, bringing them up to today’s standards and codes while providing a much-needed increase to safety and functional efficiency. Greenwood Village was in dire need of better accommodations for their staff and community to make the administration and mainte- nance areas more efficient. Their original, obsolete accommodations had the Public Works staff in the basement where they were unable to supervise nor see the site to be in tune with the needs of the de- City of Greenwood Village - City of Greenwood Village Maintenance Facility 38 Colorado Public Works Journal Porfessional Manager of the Year: Water Resources Art Duran has been a valuable member of the Littleton Public Works Department for over 40 years, most of it as supervisor of the maintenance crew. With the new opportunity for adding asset management to help him with daily operations, Art not only embraced the project but took the lead in providing information neces- sary. Despite the lack of resources for his responsibilities over time, he has never complained but instead had used those resources in the most effective manner he can. INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Kristin Schwartz is a dedicated Professional Engineer providing out- standing leadership and expertise in water and sewer utility engineering. As a project manager and hydraulic modeler, she has consistently com- pleted outstanding projects and pro- vided in-depth technical information for the utilities distribution and collec- tion systems. Kristin regularly goes above and beyond her job duties to ensure a quality product using her comprehensive knowledge of water and sewer engineering. MEDIUM COMMUNITY: Art Duran LARGE COMMUNITY: Kristen Schwartz Young Leader partment and meet with their customers. The top priorities of the new facility were to: 1. Locate departmental staff close to their team partners and tailor the spatial layout to the user’s daily functions. 2. Renovate the existing maintenance bay areas to increase produc- tivity and efficiency. 3. Provide a welcoming Public Works and Parks, Trails and Recre- ation facility for the Greenwood Village community. 4. Remain fully operational during construction and demolition. In order to continue properly serving the community, the Greenwood Village Maintenance campus had to remain operational during dem- olition and construction. Working closely, the architect, the City, and contractor were able to collaborate and work efficiently to create a small construction zone. This allowed the Public Works vehicles and staff to continue to use the site with little to no disturbances.