Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall 2020

12 Colorado Public Works Journal by Serena Foote, Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects A massive milestone was achieved in the Elyria- Swansea community this summer with the completion of a new pedestrian bridge stretching across the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks near the 47th & York intersection in Denver, Colorado. Separated by the construction of I-70 in 1964, the community has desired this project for many years to safely reconnect their neighborhoods. The City and County of Denver (CCD) made this project a priority in 2017, and obtained funding through a voter-approved General Obligation (GO) bond, making the community eager to realize the final structure and put it to use. Wilson & Company designed many aspects of the pedestrian bridge, working closely with CCD, UPRR, Kiewit Infrastructure CO (contrac- tor), Dig Studio (landscape design and aesthetics), Mark Leese (structure aesthetics oversight), PK Electric (lighting design), and Goodbee & Associates (utility coordination). The Wilson & Company project team included CIG (public involvement coordination), Rocksol (geotechnical services), and Pinyon Environmental (environmental resources oversight). This project’s planning and construction took more than three years with many community meetings, keeping every partner involved, keen to see the impact it would make. Bridge Safely Spans Over Railroad to School Images © The Unfound Door 47th & York Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge connects a community with its school