Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring-Summer 2020

Colorado Asphalt Services is pleased to announce the addition of Drew Mohatt to their sales and estimating team. Drew comes to CASI directly from Mears Group Inc. However, Drew is more well know in the local construction community for his time at Wagner Equipment Co. Stuart Ponting President of CASI states “When I met Drew in 2017, I noticed his incredible drive and work ethic im- mediately. Then when I started spending time with him at industry events, I noticed how well connected he was in the industry and how well respected he was by those contacts. Adding Drew to the Team at CASI was an obvious move.” Drew’s main responsibility will be growing the EZ-Street cold patch business and to work with all his colleagues at CASI to promote all the products and Services CASI provides. This is the second hire in the sales team in less the 12 months at CASI. As Stuart says “we added Dave Neighbor last year to take our recycled as- phalt and concrete road base business to the next level and he has done that, we have no doubt that Drew can do the same for EZ-Street.” PEOPLE Works News Michael Gifford Appointed to the Economic Recovery Councils CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Colorado (AGC of Colorado), Michael Gifford, has been ap- pointed to the economic recovery councils at both the state and local levels in Colorado to aid COVID-19 relief. Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, named Gifford along with AGC of Colorado’s Chairman of the Board, Byron Haselden, president and CEO of Haselden Construction, to the Economic Stabilization and Growth Council in April of 2020. Together, both Gifford and Haselden have submitted detailed policy recommendations to Gov- ernor Polis and to the State Legislature. The policies focus mainly on supporting laid off and/or furloughed em- ployees with training opportunities, including construction industry training. At the local level, City and County of Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock, appointed Gifford to Denver’s Economic Relief and Recovery Council in early May of 2020. The proposed initiatives at the local level center around means to expedite the inspection and permitting processes in Denver to accelerate already funded construc- tion projects. Some solutions include ways to increase virtual permit services and means to escalate the rate of invoice approvals for contractors on public projects. “AGC of Colorado is honored to be a part of this proac- tive approach to the challenges the economy is facing during this pandemic,” commented Michael Gifford. “By pooling our resources and seeking input from leaders across several industries, we are all learning how to help and support communities in Colorado.” New Hire at CASI/EZ STREET Summer 2020 9 Congratulations are in order to Toni Lynn Pascal of Pascal Construction for assum- ing the chairmanship of the Colorado 811 Board of Directors on July 8, 2020. Toni Lynn has represented Excavators on the 811 Board since 2015. She was the President of CCA in 2007, and her company Pascal Construction has been a CCA member since 1963. She also served as Chairman of the AGC of America Utility Infrastructure Division in 2018. We are all very excited for her! Toni Lynn Pascal: New Chairman of Colorado 811 Board of Directors In our interconnected world, global events impact all of us in one way or another. Knowing how to help ourselves, our families and our organiza- tions navigate a crisis can profoundly affect our emotional health and well-being. 7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis: A Practical Guide to Emotionally Dealing with Pandemics & Other Disasters is a must-read for anyone seeking to thrive during challenging times. Written by clinical psychologist Elia Gour- gouris and change management expert Konstantinos Apostolopoulos, this easy-to-read book offers powerful, yet practical, insights to help minimize the negative emotional impact of pandemics, natural disasters, financial challenges and other major disruptions. “Not only will individuals and families find the book helpful in a crisis, so will first responders, healthcare professionals, mental health counselors and wellness coaches,” said Dr. Gourgouris. Drawing from their real-world experiences, Dr. Gourgouris and Apos- tolopoulos explain the following seven keys to navigating any crisis: 1. Start with self-care. Be aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. 2. Practice awareness. Listen to your intuition or inner wisdom. 3. Choose flexibility so you can adapt, pivot and avoid unnecessary pain. 4. Act now! Preparation is key to your sur- vival. 5. Take initiative by mov- ing into action. Become the navigator in your life’s journey! 6. Cultivate a positive attitude filled with faith and hope. 7. Show kindness to others. “Each chapter has an end sec- tion including points to ponder, questions to consider and ac- tion steps to take, so the reader can move beyond just surviving to thriving in a crisis situation,” added Apostolopoulos 7 Practical Steps to Safeguard Emotional Health in a Crisis