Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring-Summer 2020

2020 Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards This Colorado Department of Transporta- tion project was located approximately 25 miles south of Lamar Colorado on US287 from mileposts 52 to 59 in Prowers County. CDOT successfully applied for and was awarded Federal safety funding to add additional lanes onto the northbound side of the heavy truck traffic highway. These lanes not only expedite traffic around slower moving trucks but increase the safety of that traffic that might be trying to pass those trucks on the existing two lane highway. The widening areas are in the vicinity of Gobblers Knob, a local landmark. In 2019, CRCC was the low bidder on the project to add more widened areas. This project involved the removal of the northbound 10ft. wide shoulder, adding 18,000cu.yds. of embankment for the widening, minor drainage pipe extensions, laying roadbase and placing 11-inches of concrete pave- ment in two different areas. The width of the widening varied from 20ft. to 22ft. CRCC forces not only removed the existing paving but crushed it to make the required roadbase for the project. This process negates the truck trips that would be required to remove the rubble material from the project but also the trips needed to bring the base material back into the project. This is a significant step toward minimizing the fuel burnt to build the project which in turn minimizes the pollutants released to the atmosphere as well as maximizing public safety, both goals that CRCC works toward. CRCC crews utilized mid-sized paving equipment as well as one portable concrete batch plants on site, again mini- mizing the truck traffic delivering material to the project. US 287 Passing Lanes South of Lamar - Prowers County 24 Colorado Public Works Journal CATEGORY: State Roads (Reconstruction)